Nice Haircut, Beth

When my dad was visiting a couple weeks ago, he brought me a pile of old letters, drawings, and books. Much of it looks similar to another stack of stuff my mom has dropped off with me. Within the stack of treasure, was this book.


Although I was happy to be reunited with my illustrated friend from childhood, I was also sad to see the poor condition of the book. It is hanging together by various kinds of tape and has practically no spine. I guess it is a sign of a well loved item.

Beth loves kitties, cakes, blond hair with bangs and waking up to sun dancing on her walls. She goes around the neighborhood to share her happy day with others. After more than 20 years, I still feel a bond with her and hope she sticks around long enough to meet my little ones someday.


One response to “Nice Haircut, Beth

  1. this post really warmed my heart! I love that your dad brought this to you!!

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