Brain Flood

Dear Brain,

What is wrong with you sometimes?

You know very well that all these ideas and plans and projects you come up with are not humanly possible for someone that works 9-5. You are setting me up for something I can’t possibly handle right now. If I stopped sleeping, hired a staff of 20, and had an unlimited budget, then MAYBE we can talk. Why do you torture me?

…And yes, of course I want to learn Spanish and knitting at some point, but why would you throw those into the mix of things to do? It is not a top priority right now.

Teamwork, good Brain. Be reasonable. We need to focus. That is the only way to get even one of these grand plans of yours out of my head and into the world so we can work on the next thing you have concocted.

HEY?!! BRain! Are you even listening? You’re not, are you?

You have already gone and birthed another wild idea into the overcrowded “to do” pit. They are going to start feeding on each other! Oh, the horror. I may have to teach you to meditate. How would you like that, eh?! HAH. That is what I thought. Behave please.


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