Imagination Please

You can all picture someone running, right? Good. Because that is my DPH from yesterday. It just so happens that carrying big cameras and moving at a pace faster than a brisk walk don’t mix. And I am not willing to post a picture of myself in running tights at this time.

The beginning of my couch-to-5k training was better for my mood than eating an entire pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream. Maybe even better than sticking an arm into a box of tiny kittens.

Every time I get back in the swing of exercising I find myself becoming totally elated by all the extra physical activity. During the workout, my brain tries to plan the next workout, often quicker than I should be running/lifting again.”Ooooh this is nice! Let’s do it again soon? How many hours do we have to wait? Why bother stretching when you could be running?!” This over-do-it all-or-nothing workout ethic is the source of my burnout and must be prevented this time around. I have to stick to the moderate training schedule that is planned for me, and fight the urge to EXCERCISE ALL THE TIME OMG IT FEELS SO GOOD.


One response to “Imagination Please

  1. I need to start still!

    new banner please

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