I just sat here and looked at the blinking cursor for about 10 of minutes. My brain feels like it leaked out the back of my head and is now living off the crumbs in the filthy carpet of the 14th floor. I am sure it is drinking a warm coke that has been hanging out in the creepy hallway mail cart for the past two weeks. So I am left alone, brainless, with my blinking cursor and an empty head.

So if I have lost my mind and have nothing to say, you might request that I stop typing.

No, sorry, but I am continuing to write. Because if it weren’t for this daily ritual of happiness, the only thing I would remember about today is that it sucked. I would forget how good the coffee tasted this morning. Or how awesome this ridiculous video is that the morning news introduced me to. The train and bus that showed up at the perfect moment for a seamless commute would be forgotten by tomorrow. The apples at work tasted better than usual. Lunch with friends, renegade pigeons, wall-sized saber tooth bunnies and making dinner with Justin would have all been lost to me within a couple of days. Well, all lost except the bunny I guess, since it is sort of living directly over my right shoulder at the office until I erase it into its ghosted-image-of-what-was-drawn-on-the-dirty-white-board-grave.


Lunch. Basically went to Scottish Hooters. Doesn't Jess look thrilled?

Lunch. Basically went to Scottish Hooters. Doesn't Jess look thrilled?

So today, I would like to thank my December 17, 2008 self for starting up this personal daily ritual. Because of this daily reflection, I don’t think today was 100% depressing. Maybe only 50-65%. My self pity is limited when I really examine things a little closer.


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  1. that video was awesome!

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