Breakfast of Champions

Eat your greens.

Eat your greens.

Every morning when I get to work, these three things need to be on the left side of my desk. That bottle is with me 95% of the time while I am at the office. It comes with me to meetings, the bathroom, lunch, and random wanderings and visitations. Sadly, it is just drinking fountain water in a fancy bottle– but it reminds me of this. Funny how that was back in APRIL. June should take a hint.

Speaking of “summer,” the landscapers are gone, and we now have a completed backyard. It makes me happy every time I see it—even from the warm comfort of my enclosed back porch. If the power lines are removed from above that roof deck I will have a heart attack from happiness and likely post a picture of the deck for a week straight. What is Com-Ed up to? They are about 3 months late. Anyway, we are very lucky to have have such an awesome apartment and landlord in Chicago. The thought of ever having to move makes me nauseous.



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