Everyone seems pissed off or out-of-it lately. I am hoping that will all change when the weather improves.

The soaking-wet-steamy-bus-caught-in-traffic-late train-soaked jeans-wet floor-broken shoes-dark skies commute sent me into a funk. I thought the funk would leave once I arrived home and changed into warm pajamas. No luck. My mind not only held onto the funk, but then spiraled further into a dark cloud of stormy thoughts. Bad Thoughts invited Bad Attitude to play, and soon Pitiful and Bitchy showed up.

This is when I decided to stay mute for the night, because any vocalization of these thoughts would be ridiculous and regretful. I also decided not to type anything beyond a really hateful Facebook status and then went to bed. At 8 p.m.

During this mega-angry, mega-silent tornado, Justin’s highly-tuned wife radar told him to lay low. He quietly emptied the garbage, finished the laundry, did the dishes, and cooked the dinner that he found half-started on the kitchen counter (when I found out the meat wasn’t thawed I just walked away mid-preparation.) He even brought me a glass of wine to the bedside table…even though I didn’t touch it and only offered up a childish “Murp” as a thanks.

A few months ago, my coworker and blog buddy Alma, sent me a link to a list of things that a person should enjoy and appreciate while they are living the child-free lifestyle…like naps, personal sick days, and having a hangover. I am adding last night to that list. Because I’m pretty sure that kind of behavior will not fly when we decide to expand our family beyond just a couple of fatty cats and figurines of forest critters.



2 responses to “Megabad

  1. That’s what I looked like last night too, as my upstairs neighbor was seemingly installing a bowling alley in his condo.

  2. If that is what you look like when you are mad, Justin is a lucky man.

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