Family Time Part II

“Johnny Depp was in town today. He was promoting that Dillinger movie.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep, and he said that he loves Chicago. Thinks it is the best city in the world.”

“Wow. Does he want to move here? If he needs a place to stay, then he can sleep in our bedroom.”


“I meant guest bedroom.”


I seriously meant the guest bedroom. No, really. I wonder if he is a good roommate. Does he like egg sandwiches and coffee? Would we eat on the porch? Does he put the seat down? Would he cuddle an insane banshee of a cat before bed at the expense of his ability to breathe? Would he go get me eggs in a blizzard? Probably not. I think that I will stick with the current roomate.


One response to “Family Time Part II

  1. K then Johnny can come live with me.


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