Currants and Miss Lippy’s Lunch Hour



They are look better than they taste.

They look better than they taste.

The farmer’s market at lunch is always fun. Generally, I wander around alone, but I had company yesterday, which is always nice. Generally, people find excuses not to leave the building at lunch. This is weird to me.

People need to take more lunch breaks. Eating at your desk is not good. Not good for you or the project you are working on. Especially if you are a designer, you need to step away and come back with fresh eyes. Even if you pack a lunch…get out. GET OUT! Seriously. Get. Out.

If I ever own a business, I will kick everyone out and then lock the doors for an hour starting at noon. Even in the rain and snow. Do you remember the scene from Billy Madison where Miss Lippy sends the kids out for dodge ball hour so she can be alone…with craft paste and interpretive dance to sitar music? That is about right. Later in the afternoon, after nap time, we will have cupcakes. Who’s with me?

This post was supposed to be about all the friends in my life that are on a path to greatness…but that didn’t really happen. I will try harder next time.

I am off to Mary Poppins on Broadway in Chicago! Woot!


One response to “Currants and Miss Lippy’s Lunch Hour

  1. I’m in for locked doors, naps and cupcakes! Resume attached. 🙂

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