Schween Looks Like an Owl

Have I mentioned that the iPhone is amazing? Well it is.

Is there anything more irritating than a person who always talks about their iPhone? Not really. Oh, wait. There are cat people.

I have now become an iPhone loving cat person. What is happening to me? This is dreadful. Hey, where are you going? Don’t go!

…did I also mention that the iPhone has video capabilities? I am thrilled with this handy feature. Those who are less thrilled include my mom and brother who are receiving random cat videos throughout the week. These are not interesting or funny cat videos like the ones that have a million views on YouTube. They are pretty lame. See:

OMG…it’s sideways. I am so sorry. This is really bad.

Note: There is nothing in the room that would cause her to whip her head around like an owl. She is just nervous and skiddish by nature. But I love her anyway.

I apologize for this post in it’s entirity. Please come back tomorrow.


6 responses to “Schween Looks Like an Owl

  1. Joe feels similar bliss about his new iPhone. He told me yesterday that “it’s changed his life.” Ha.

  2. This is the worst post I have ever done.

  3. P.S. The iPhone IS life changing.

  4. this post is unacceptable

  5. I read DPH today and for the first time, I didn’t leave feeling enlightened. No more iphone business.

  6. Perhaps cats see things that we don’t see.

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