Mayor Daley’s Garden

Chicago is amazingly clean for a city of its size. I am speaking about the parts of Chicago that the tourists might see. Or the Olympic committee. The planters along the streets of downtown are changed up many times a year and are often mind-blowingly gorgeous. And have you see our parks? Awesome.

It is no secret that our city is a wee-bit corrupt. I don’t even want to know about half the things that go on behind closed doors. At least Chicago looks pretty on the outside. I think people would be a lot more pissed about the suspicious way things are run if the planters were full of garbage and pee. They might still have a little pee in them, but the pretty pink and green leaves are covering the spots up quite nicely.

Have a look at what our parking ticket fines bought us:



One response to “Mayor Daley’s Garden

  1. I really like the natural light and bright colours in this entry! 🙂

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