The Anatomy of Meerkat Brawl

If you haven’t been to the Lincoln Park Zoo, then I would certainly like to know why. You can email me the excuse, detailing how you live in a bubble or an iron lung and simply can’t get out of the house. Those are the only acceptable responses.

The zoo is FREE, so needless to say, half of Chicago shows up there on nice summer weekends. I can understand if you have never been there because you are terrified of large groups of people, tube tops, and children wearing nothing but funnel cakes. Even if being rammed in the back of the knees repeatedly by strangers with strollers on a Saturday isn’t your thing, put on some shin guards and go for just 15 minutes to see the Meerkats in the African exhibit. There is no glass between you and these fat little versions of their famous relatives.

The only person I know that is sure to hate them is my friend Maggie. She is not a big fan of  cute things, including this and the cat collage I have posted on the wall just outside my office door.


During your visit to the Meers, you are sure to see a “fight.” It will go something like this:



2 responses to “The Anatomy of Meerkat Brawl

  1. I’m the cute-hater.

  2. I’m rootin for the fat one.

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