Early Light

I love the early morning for the same reason that I love spring and fall more than summer and winter. These are all transitional moments, the places in between, the limbo that I have come to love. (Justin has pointed out that I am somewhat crazy, since I simultaneously love and hate being in limbo. He has a good point. I do love the excitement of a transitional period, but am not a fan of the anxiety that can sometimes accompany it.) These moments in time are rich with possibility. Everything is constantly moving and changing into something else. Spring is happy, yet never complacent like its lazy relative, Summer. The early morning sun always seems full of promise, but within even a matter of minutes can dissipate without leaving any clue that it was there at all. If I am able to catch it, I feel lucky. And if you blink during Fall, it will be over. Winter will be more than happy to blindside you in a flash. Especially in Chicago.

Since these bits of time can quickly pass by if I am not paying attention, I’m trying to capture and enjoy these fleeting moments and seasons when they are happening. They are full of anticipation–my drug of choice lately. I am also big on adrenaline apparently; I have to run to the train every morning because I have waited too long to leave my house at an appropriate time. Because I am writing on this thing. I have to go now.

Here is some DPH of early morning light that I managed to capture before the sparkle was gone.




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