Heaven in a Crock Pot

Let’s talk about meat for a second.

I grew up on a mainly vegetarian house. My mom has been a vegetarian off and on for a good part of her life. My brother as well.  I was a vegetarian myself for a couple years. This was all fine and good and fairly easy, even as a fifth grader. That is until the summer camp vegetarian options presented themselves to me. I almost starved on lunches and dinners of iceberg lettuce with ranch dressing, until chicken fingers came to my rescue. I didn’t want to pass out at the campfire during a rousing rendition of “Give me gas in my Ford, keep me truckin’ for the Lord…” The second verse of that song actually has the line “Give me cheese on my cheeto, God is neato, neato, NEATO.” I am not making this up. I miss camp.

Anyway, I would be perfectly happy to be a vegetarian again, but it would make meals extremely difficult to plan. Justin likes meat, and I really don’t feel like making us separate dishes every night.

Maybe it is the weather, but I have a very low meat tolerance lately. I can’t seem to eat more than a couple ounces of the stuff without being totally full or turned off by the meal. Sometimes the smell of it turns me off. I will often negotiate a trade with my sweet meat-eating husband, and will end up with a heaping double order of brussel sprouts. I feel like I am the winner in this trade; I’m as happy as the kid in the cafeteria that traded her carrots for a Snack Pack.

So if you have any vegetarian entree ideas, that would satisfy a meat loving man as well, send them my way. I need help.

This all being said, my friend Casey bought 4 lbs of pork butt for a roof deck party she hosted on Sunday. Then she called around to ask people if she could BORROW A CROCK POT…people thought she had been kidnapped and that “crock pot” was some sort of code meant to secretly indicate her distress. It wasn’t possible that she really wanted one. The thing is, she doesn’t really cook. So when she announced that she was not catering the BBQ, but making it from scratch, we were all dumbfounded. But also curious.

Even with her lack of cooking experience, and my meat issues, I have to say that she knocked this one out of the park. I think she said that she cooked the pork for 13 hours total. It was good. Add a pickle, it was amazing. Casey better be cooking from now on. She can’t use excuses anymore. Because we know the truth.

Bravo! I am not sure this can look pretty in a picture, but I assure you it was divine.

Bravo! I am not sure this can look pretty in a picture, but I assure you it was divine.


Oh no he didn't...

Oh no he didn't...

Neato, neato, neato.

Neato, neato, neato.


Photo credit: Mr. Boley.

Photo credit: Mr. Boley.

Oh, goodness. Punk Marie is really a sucker for the Sutter Home. She is clearly a classy lady.

Oh, goodness. Punk Marie is really a sucker for the Sutter Home. She is clearly a classy lady.


6 responses to “Heaven in a Crock Pot

  1. My kids loved Falafel on Thursday nights.
    And a second favorite was “Pasta Broccoli”
    Simply partially cook small pasta shells, 5 minutes before pasta is ready, toss into the pot some fresh broccoli flowerets. Drain and toss with EVOO and a bit of butter.

  2. That’s Casey’s roof deck?! I hate her.

    I’m trying a “vegan (we’ll use that term loosely…I’ll still eat bread that contains eggs, etc.) before dinner” thing just to see how it goes. I read a book about it and it seemed interesting so I figured I’d give it a shot since I was pretty close to doing it already anyway.

    I’ve been making up a lot of recipes. For example, lunch today I have a mixture of brown rice, black beans, grilled red onions and cherry tomatoes mixed with a vinaigrette.

    I also make a pasta similar to the one mentioned above but I put sundried tomatoes and walnuts in it. I use the oil from the sundried tomatoes and a bit of pasta water to make the sauce.

    Maybe I should post these recipes somewhere….


  3. I’m sad I missed it 😦

    You should see a title-check potluck… crock pot heaven I tell you.

    Good job on remembering campfire songs.. I sure don’t! Yay crystal springs!

  4. awww I feel as though my lack of vegetarian/vegan food posts have let you down. BUT know that the 100+ weather has stopped so I can cook again. Give it time, I will post fancy food ideas soon enough.

    I’ll be living on quinoa this week. It’s really good if you make it like oatmeal and all all your normal oatmeal fixings…lighter and to me tastier.

  5. Really enjoyed seeing/reading this episode, Megan. It will probably present you with quite the challenge, seeing as how you live in the middle of Chicago, but perhaps you can find a way to get involved in this type of thing so you’ll REALLY be able to enjoy your meat:


  6. Amanda Steadman

    I am in the same boat. I’m leaning more and more towards vegetarian but Luke likes meat. I made a vegetarian dish one night and he said “um, where’s the meat?” It does make it really hard to cook when you have a meat loving husband. You guys live such a fun life up there in Chicago. We really need to get out of Florida. 😉

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