Reason #4,582 That My Brother Should Move to Chicago

There are thousands of reasons why my brother should move to Chicago. The “Movies in the Park” is one of them. Who doesn’t love a free movie in a lake-side park with food, friends, and a gorgeous skyline?

Jordan, what are you doing? Why aren’t you in these photos? Stop being lame.080409_3


Look, Ryan saved you a seat!


The girl on the right needs a patty-cake partner


Did you see the weird fog creep into the Loop during sunset, making things all dreamy? No? Stop being lame.


What is Amber looking at? Not you.


She even passed the delicious olives to you, and with no one to grab them, they made a terrible mess on the picnic blanket. Horrible olive fail.


Olive fail #2?!?! Why, Jordan? Why??


5 responses to “Reason #4,582 That My Brother Should Move to Chicago

  1. oh my!!! I feel like I owe someone a new blanket!

  2. Totally random, but your friend Amber’s hair is adorable.

  3. Jordan, just move here. I will not spill olives on you…Promise!

  4. Oh, and thanks Bobbi!

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