Really Sappy

Totally mushy.

Completely gaga.

If you can get a small garbage can, that would be great. A toilet would do fine as well. I would highly advise that, because I’m quite sure that you will gag/barf if you continue reading.

So, we are approaching our third wedding anniversary this Labor Day weekend. I can’t say that every single day of marriage has been hearts and rainbows, because that is impossible. If anyone claims that, they are liars or actors. BUT, I can say that most days, I feel like we are the luckiest people this side of the Mississippi.

When we met, we were both very different than we are today. It is obvious that you and your partner will change and grow over the course of a longterm relationship. As we change, we meet up again in the middle and decide that we still sorta-kinda like each other. A lot. This is a strange thing to me. The two people in this marriage today are far different from the two people that met 6.25 years ago, yet it still works. And it feels like it is getting better.

I am sorry, this is reeeeaaalllly mushy. Are you dry heaving?

I hope that as we get older, and become new versions of ourselves over and over again, that we still continue to re-bond as a couple. We are doing pretty well so far. And I just can’t get enough Justin right now.

Like I said, I just feel lucky.

Do not barf in the lucky penny wishing pool.



One response to “Really Sappy

  1. I didn’t heave, Megan, my eyes just sort of misted over reading this. I know what you are talking about — I feel the same way about Carole Anne. I just love the way you write about something so important, so realistic, and with such deep feeling. Don’t apologize for that! You are so loved.

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