Rescued by the Park

I was at a very low point yesterday at work. The last week and a half has not been very kind to me. So, when I saw a window for escape I took it. No wallet, no purse, just a camera and my security pass to get back in the building.

Have you ever fallen off a raft in ferocious whitewater rapids? And been sucked under by the current and then beaten repeatedly on sharp rocks? Then you surface and gasp the most precious breathes of air you have ever breathed? And you realize you are alive and will live happily ever after? (Me neither, but I have seen it on TV). The second I stepped out of the office, and into “fresh” Chicago air, I felt like everything was going to be fine.

I went to Millennium Park to see what the late summer gardens look like. I haven’t really been over there since spring, because I must be an idiot or something. It turned out to be one of the best lunches (sans food) that I have ever had. I felt like a normal person again after just one hour of wandering around.

As I was about to head back to the office, I heard the most beautiful sound. The symphony was rehearsing in the Pritzker Pavilion during lunch! What?!? I should have known about this. I hadn’t heard the acoustics of the Pavilion before; it was so good that I almost cried. Free lunchtime concerts in the park: $0. Not running from my job screaming and crying: Priceless.



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