The Ah-ha Moment

So I was playing around with the camera, and realized that I am a TOTAL IDIOT. I just learned that I can easily adjust the intensity of the flash so that everything is not blown out. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have figured this out. But at the same time I feel the ache of a thousand photos that could have turned out if I had only known this simple function existed.

I have hated using the flash up until this point, and only did so as a last resort. Now I feel like Flash is my super hero sidekick that exists to make all photos taken indoors a million times better. Life changing!

Although an “ah-ha” moment can give me a healthy rush of feel-good adrenaline, it is always accompanied by a stabbing pang of “oh DUH.” And usually I can’t help but think of how many hours had been previously wasted trying to solve a particular problem. Especially when the solution seems so painfully obvious or simple. This happened to me about a million and one times while learning design software. I can still remember the day that I learned about the “align” tool in Illustrator. Or “find>change” in InDesign. Or how to mask in Photoshop. Life was better after learning these tools, but ohhhh the hours spent in the computer lab before this knowledge…painful.

Ah-ha moments are not restricted to technology of course. I have had them during a creative brainstorm at work, while figuring out how to navigate a new city, cooking a new recipe, and falling in love with Justin.

I guess the moral of the story is to “be cool and stay in school.” If I ever stop learning just because I am not officially enrolled in a class, then I am officially old. Although it can be a humbling process, I am convinced that ah-ha moments are the fountain of youth. I want to have them throughout the rest of my life.

Here are my first photos with my new knowledge applied:



One response to “The Ah-ha Moment

  1. You live and learn. Flash is a tricky thing. Took me so long to learn to use an external flash semi decently. Cute kitty!

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