In an effort to cultivate a nighttime habit of regular postings, I would like to present a bit of lameness that took all the energy I could muster this evening:


That is supposed to be an animated gif. Not sure if that will post correctly. (click on it?) Apologies to anyone with epilepsy, allergies to fat felines, or the aversions to deliciously fluffy blankets.

The idea of curling up in that blanket when the weather gets crispy and leaves get crunchy makes me want to shut down the computer and bake a loaf of bread right now.  The warm bread would then be eaten with a bowl of homemade chili and chased with a hot brandy cider. I kind of want a hay ride and pumpkin donut as well. That’s right, Fall is coming. It is second only to Spring in favorite-time-of-year-ratings. Winter and I are still not speaking because of last year’s treacheries, and Summer is a bit lazy and damp.

I am looking forward to that date with my fuzzy blanket. Porpus Boley will surely join me during Autumn cuddle fest 2009 without hesitation. Coziness is just around the corner. It’s about to be spooning weather.

Right now though, I am still trying to eat as many fresh things as possible, while things are still growing. This perfectly blue colander that was just given to me by my observant Mama makes washing the dirty fresh things way more fun than my boring old strainer did. Thanks, Mom.



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