What Are You Thinking About?

It’s one of the most dangerous/annoying questions that you can ask your partner.

Sometimes it yields mind-blowing, thought-provoking responses. These answers make your query seem very worth the asking.

Sometimes the response is incredibly dull.

And then other times, you are disturbed.

You regret prying into your loved one’s mind at that moment. You want to hit the “refresh” button and pretend it never happened. You retreat to the bedroom and curl up under a gigantic pile of warm clothes–fresh from the dryer–and pop in a pair of ear plugs. Then you fall asleep and under a mound of Bounce freshness and dream of kittens and muffins (This is truly the only proven cure to Unwanted Thought Syndrome).

I am willing to bet that Justin suffers from the UTS upon hearing my thoughts more than I suffer from hearing his. Right now he is thinking about getting a job. Guaranteed. I am thinking about yams, and crunchy leaves, and not peeing my pants. I am also considering eating our entire stock of ginger in the pantry.  I CAN’T get enough ginger. I am also wondering what Alice in Wonderland would be like if Larry David played the Mad Hatter. Now I am thinking about Norpus as the Mad Hatter. Schween is the doormouse. “End scene.”

Back to the topic of crunchy leaves. Since it is officially October in a couple hours, I feel comfortable enough to officially celebrate fall. Not fake fall, but real fall. It is not totally visible just yet, but you can hear and smell it. I once joined a facebook group called “I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf.” This is true.

Crunchy leaves don’t get much love since the brilliant orange and red ones are the standard motif for the season. But there is no satisfying crunch when you step on a ruby-toned-freshly-fallen leaf. And would you rather jump into a pile of flat, glossy, yet beautiful leaves, or fluffy, light, and crispy ones? I haven’t actually jumped into a pile of leaves in years, and I have no good excuse to offer you. I have stomped some good leaves already this year though, and couldn’t be more pleased with myself. Try it out.



3 responses to “What Are You Thinking About?

  1. Fall has totally arrived in Seattle! Pumpkin flavors are rejoicing. Add ginger to apple juice (from your juicer) and maybe warm it up a touch…warm apple ginger cider.

    My goal for the next two weeks is to find a good pumpkin waffle recipe and use new waffle iron. Oh kitchen gadgets.

  2. The world is coming to an end – they’ve decided to close Gourmet magazine!

  3. Your essay “What are You Thinking” reminded me of the girfriend I had at age 18, my freshman year. She often asked me that. I was always annoyed and complained that my thoughts were my most private possession and that whenever I wanted her to know what I was think I told her, and that some thoughts were to difficult to explain, etc.

    After we separated, I considered it all and decided that I should have replied “I am thinking how lucky I am to be here with such a beautiful, thoughtful girl.”. And it wouldn’t have been a lie, for, as I would be saying it, I would be thinking it. Yes!, that would be my reply the next time a girlfriend would ask me that. But none ever have. Such is life.

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