A Whole Lotta Random

Justin has recently discovered the internet.

Although he successfully managed thousands of grassroots groups for the presidential campaign via the internet, he is honestly a grandpa in terms of knowing “what’s happening” online. He is totally unaware of anything viral unless I send it to him, and under no circumstances has he ever stumbled upon anything on his own. If he is sending me a link, it is an article from the Times that he read via iPhone on the train. But in the last 24 hours, something nutty has happened. He took a break from the textbooks for once and has visited and read most of the following sites:

Postcards from Yo Mama

F*** You, Penguin


Emails from Crazy People

Morons with Signs

This is all very new to him and he is enjoying himself immensely. Welcome to the entertaining world of the interwebs, sir.


I have been craving oatmeal cream pies for days. Last night I decided to give in. Justin went to the store on a mission for them, but couldn’t find them anywhere. Being a wise husband, he brought home the closest thing he could think of to satisfy the craving. Oatmeal raisin cookies and a can of whipped cream. Brilliant.


Last year I hosted my first Thanksgiving and made my first turkey. Word got out and this year it is happening again at our apartment with about 15 people. Should be fun/interesting!


I may have an internet addiction. I recently talked to one of my creative directors at work who is thinking of starting a blog and was looking for my opinion. One of his projects might be about giving up PS3 for 30 days and then writing each day instead. I wondered what I might do with myself if I got off the internet when I wasn’t sitting at my desk at work. I should really try this and see where it goes. Have you ever thought about cutting down on your online hours?


Speaking of doing something with myself, I am asked by an increasing amount of people if I want to be a photographer. They ask if I will pursue it as a career. My answer is always no, because I just do it for fun and if I get paid, I am afraid it will be “work”. I have a variety of other excuses about needing more equipment and not really being formally trained beyond a few b/w film classes in high school and college. But just last week, after one of these conversations, I started to think about what might happen if I did take my own art a little more seriously. What would happen if I put some major heart into it? I am kind of curious now.


Although they were far from glamorous, I kind of miss the photo shoots that I used to be part of at my old job.


Candy corn is gross. And yet, I still eat it whenever I am offered it. Do not want.


Have I mentioned my internet addiction? I am subscribed to over 80 websites and blogs through google reader. If I don’t read them for ONE DAY, then there will be hundreds of updates sitting there. I also read mom blogs. I am not a mom. What the hell?


I am about to eat ANOTHER oatmeal raisin cookie with whipped cream.


I used to be a dancer. I took ballet for about 11 years, but quite right after my first solo when I turned 18 and went to college. I miss it VERY MUCH, and can get a little teary eyed if I talk about it. Just last week, during a party at work, I was sipping a scotch on the rocks when the topic of ballet came up and I nearly lost it in front of my coworkers. I am getting a little misty typing this. Maybe I should sign up for adult classes at some point. Although the crying woman eating oatmeal cream pies in the corner of the classroom will not be pretty.


Back in April, I posted this. I am happy to report that good things have indeed grown from that pile of garbage. People have safely landed in better spots than they started at. 🙂 🙂


Thanks for randomly hanging out at Megagood. Feel free to leave a random fact below in the comments section.


7 responses to “A Whole Lotta Random

  1. interesting but Who is Justin?

  2. I’ve just caught up with three of your columns a t once, Megan. AArggggh! Now you got me lookin’ at “Morons with Signs!” (pretty funny though…)

    I will never forget that ballet solo when you were 18 – always regretted not arranging to video that piece – and if you get back into it and have another one, I would have to seriously consider coming back from Oz just to see you perform! I could maybe bring a suitcase full of sunshine with me since we have an overabundance of it here…

  3. I was there when you got all misty-eyed talking about toe shoe shoes. I think your problem is that you’re TOO multi-talented. Photography, art direction, cooking, writing AND ballet? It’s too much!

    My random fact: I try to use my Internet addition to fuel my productivity at work. Every time I cross off an item on my to-do list, I reward myself with a little bloggy fun. Also, purple nail polish as reignited my enthusiasm for manicured hands.

  4. OK- so not only do you crack me up, but now I am loaded with questions.
    1) If you are a ballet dancer, why were you not up there dancing with us at Jer’s wedding? Next time no excuses!
    2) Why are we craving oatmeal cream pies?
    3) that’s all i got i guess.

    Randomness from me: I cuss way too much, I need to find a better solution for putting socks on with a fat belly, i actually like candy corn, i wish i could be on ABDC.

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