Pretty Things All in a Row

Things that have been recently cleaned out and organized:

  • desk
  • purse
  • ridiculous jewelry pile

These three situations were their own private disaster. My work area just looks clean because I shove everything into a drawer at night. The bathroom appears clean until you open the cabinet. Then you are confronted with a massive and tangled wad of jewelry, rogue hair ties, and general rubbish. The purse holds an impressive amount of crap, so it isn’t really a surprise that mine looks more like a garbage bag inside.

Luckily, an intense wave of freaky organizational inspiration came over me last week, similar to the feeling I got about my spice cabinet. I just couldn’t live another day with these hidden sins.

Behold my newly organized jewelry–NOT waded into a ball!


Accessorizing no longer requires frustrating untangling. And the whole project cost me nothing. Amazing.

It’s the simple things, people.


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