Night Moves


I know I have already shown you a picture of this wall, but I REALLY like it. So deal with it.


When taking night photography, it is best to have a tripod. Well, I am not commuting with one of those things. Taking the camera everywhere is heavy lifting enough. A prime example of why it is best to have a tripod is picture #6. Blurry city. I kept it anyway because it looks like an impressionist painting, and I love how the lights look on the water.

I may have poo-pooed the impending nighttime commute a couple weeks ago, before the time change, but it does hold some charms. The city at night gets to pick and choose its focal points. Certain places are lit that you would normally not focus on during the day. And without the busy backdrop of sunny surroundings, our view is more selectively focussed and the points of interest are amplified. I especially love how Lasalle St looks like Gotham; the arrogant Chicago Board of Trade building bookends the financial district at the street’s end.

When I arrive in my neighborhood, the trees that are still clinging to a few yellow leaves look like they are on fire in the street lamps. Everything is quiet, even by 6 pm. The only sound comes from me purposely walking on the edge of the sidewalk through the crunchiest leaves I can find. People are busy in their homes, catching up on eating and sleeping. Fattening up for the long winter. It’s an annual pastime of this great city.


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