Snorgle (Snorg, Snarfle, Sqush, etc., etc., etc.)


Porpus– The first step is admitting you have a PROBLEM.

So, I have been posting a lot of cat pictures lately. Is it because there is nothing else in my life that is making me happy? No, not at all. It’s just that they are cute and it is all the cuteness I have to offer at this point. You see, I have been bombarded for two months straight with photo uploads such as this:


I could post nearly a hundred photos pulled from Facebook featuring pumpkins and kiddo theme, but getting the publishing rights from all those mommies would take me a year. (Thanks to Shanea and Katie for these two.)

What the heck, right? What are these kiddos trying to do to me? I have to squeeeeeeze something really hard when I see a little one in a pumpkin patch. Justin’s arm is practically bruised by early November. I’m sorry, but the cuteness makes me want to explode. (By the way, I have a debilitating weakness for all things cute, and I dare you to send me a cute link from the internet that I haven’t already seen.)

Maybe you are one of those people who thinks babies and pumpkins are NOT adorable? Well, although I don’t understand you, I respect your strangeness. And I am here to provide you will all the non-baby-pumpkin photos you can handle. I’ve got cats. Cat bellies and cat mouths. Coming right up:


Not into cats either? Well, I’ve got nothing for you.

P.S. I really am grateful for my two healthy felines. Two friends are going through some hard cat times, and it makes me want to spoon by little (big) kitties just that much more.

P.P.S. Word count for “CUTE” or “CUTENESS” in this post is 2739.


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