I’m back!

Where did I go? Why haven’t I posted? Well, l I wish I could tell you that my absence was due to a whirlwind tour of many exotic places where I ate amazing things and saw even more amazing sights. But, the truth is I just took a little break. There are no fabulous destinations to tell you about. Sorry. But the good news is that I am ready to get back to Megagood.

Also, I think that this week marks my 1 year blog anniversary! So I think that calls for cake of some kind. How exciting.

So since I last posted, there is a laundry list of things that have happened, but I would rather not try to recap them all in one post. That is not fun to write about, and even less fun to read. But a couple of notable happenings included Justin and I hosting a fabulous Thanksgiving for 17 people at our apartment, and Justin landing a clerkship for spring semester. THIS IS AWESOME! Let it also be known that this is his last semester, and may actually have a full-time job within the forseeable future. THIS IS ALSO VERY AWESOME.

So today I am just checking in here to let you know that I am not dead. (Is anyone even reading this anymore?) I will be posting regularly again. And Christmas is coming up, so there should be lots of magical pictures coming your way.

And I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be Megabetter than 2009. Stay tuned.

Here are some randoms that I just downloaded off my dusty camera:

The Japanese Maple by our porch put on a big show before letting go of the leaves this year.

The last two pictures are taken in the new French Market that opened up in Ogilvie train station. It is the best thing to happen to my commute.


2 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Yea!! You are back. Missed you.

  2. Welcome back! Thanks for the many DPH. Yum, pretty, funny, clever, yum. 🙂

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