So, one of the things that people tell you when they find out that you are pregnant is that you should get a ton of sleep NOW. Because after the birth, you will be a zombie. OK, this is not really news to anyone. Is it? I mean, who really thinks that they are going to have a baby and then life will continue on as usual? Not me. Not most people, I hope.

I do admit that although I understand the concept of sleeplessness, I can’t really know what it will be like until I experience it myself.

Do I fear it? Yes. It’s one of my top anxieties about taking care of a baby.

When people constantly remind me of it does the fear become worse? Yes.

Is that their goal? Not sure. Probably not. Just seems like the thing to say to a pregnant lady I guess.

So, sleep now they say. Let’s not kid ourselves here. No matter how much sleep I get in the next six months, it isn’t going to do diddly squat for the level of exhaustion that will hit me after the birth. What I CAN do is appreciate the sleep that I get now. I can wallow in it, savor it, and take full advantage of sweet wonderful sleep while it is still around. I think that is what people are really intending when they offer up the “sleep now” advice.

Parents that have already been through the newborn phase have the advantage of perfect hindsight. They look at me and want me to stop whatever I am doing and take a nap. They want me to go offline and be in bed by 8. They are irritated if I am not in pajamas.  They know how precious and luxurious the shut-eye is, and any soon-to-be parent that doesn’t is a fool in their eyes.

I promise not to be a fool. I try to enjoy the things in my life that are good at the moment. And the luxuries I have now will not be taken for granted. That is much of what this blog has been about since I started writing. People have asked if I will start a separate blog about the pregnancy or baby. I don’t think so. I will continue to write about what is good for me today. Sometimes that will be pregnancy related. When the baby arrives, I am sure there will be many good moments to share, as well as many big challenges. So yes, maybe by default Megagood is morphing into a mom blog. Because I am morphing into a mom.

Speaking of not taking things for granted, I had a lazy Sunday and fully appreciated it. After I woke up without an alarm or crying baby, I made tiny little pancakes and stacked them with Nutella and raspberry sauce. This was followed by a heavenly grapefruit and a NAP. Next was ample lounging with Justin, hours of cat spooning, and some uninterrupted photo editing and blogging. Ahhhhh. The good life.


4 responses to “Savoring

  1. Look out MHenry! Those look like Blisscakes!

  2. I think you nailed it – parents keep telling you to get sleep, because dagnamit, they wish they had grabbed more when they had the chance.

    You’re just at the beginning of a whole lot of annoying advice. Good luck.

    BTW, those pancakes? Have me drooling.

  3. Megan-
    I totally can relate to fearing the baby-related sleep deprivation. As a mom with a 10 month old, let me encourage you — it doesn’t have to last very long! I’m a super-sleepy girl and I have been getting 9 hours at night ever since the little guy was 9 weeks old.
    (PS – Here’s our baby sleep story from my blog:

  4. Why don’t you ever invite me over for breakfast!? Geeezzzz.

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