Spine Transplant?

I would like one, please.

Just a quick update for all you interested in every detail of baby Boley’s stay in my abdomen:

I can’t move without wanting to rip my spine out.

You see, about 20 years ago I thought it would be fun to jump on a trampoline. Oh, and it was of course. But then I jumped and landed in an awkward position on my tailbone. No big deal, I thought. Being very young, I bounced back from this minor injury.

Years later, I had to go to a chiropractor (Dr. Bender!) to have major adjustments done to help the tailbone pain. Things were cracked and moved and adjusted. All was well. The pain went away.

NOW, there is a tiny human growing in my body. It just happens to be hanging out near the evil tailbone. My pelvis is shifting around and bones are moving to accomodate said baby. These bones and nerves are totally freaking out and the old injury is now back with vengeance. I know that many pregnant women experience back pain anyway, so combine that with the already messed up tailbone and you have searing, punch-me-in-the-back, take-my breath-away, stabbing pain and frustration.

If I lean forward even 2 degrees, I am stuck unless I want to feel like my lower spine is being ripped from my body. This makes sitting, standing, brushing teeth, feeding the cats, or picking up my purse a major obstacle. This kind of thing obviously can’t continue. I shouldn’t need help to put on a pair of socks until it is warm enough outside to hopefully not need them at all.

I am going to this place in about 20 minutes for a consultation. I don’t think that spine transplant is an option, but hopefully they can pummel my wretched back into submission, and also avoid causing any discomfort to the little lemon-sized baby that I am hauling around in there.

*Update: The doctor was awesome. they have a really great practice that recommends a regimen of integrated therapies for what ails you. They also have a really beautiful loft-space just a few blocks from my house, and tea in the waiting room. Not bad at all. It turns out that I have Sacroiliitis, which can be treated with 4-6 visits and a variety of therapies including massage. I plan on spending a lot of time there next week. Phew.


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