Puffy Coat

I recently grew out of my beloved winter puffy coat. Others in the house are lucky enough live in a permanent puffy coat.

Yesterday, Porpus bravely tried out her fabulously padded outerwear. She generally prefers a warm patch of sun, but her curiosity about the white fluffy stuff on the porch was too strong to resist.

She steps out without hesitation.

A fine layer of blubber provides protection.

Short legs, big dreams.

Cat hand stands are not for the weak.


3 responses to “Puffy Coat

  1. So cute!

    And thank God you’re not living on the east coast, enduring another “apocalyptic” snowstorm! Some of my friends out there are telling horrendous tales. -dad

  2. I love that! I wish we could take Welly outside, but he’d totally run for it.

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