20 week Cantaloupe

We have reached the halfway point.

The point where the baby is compared to a cantaloupe.

This is also the week that we bought a car. Which is good. But it meant that I decided to go grocery shopping in person vs. the delivery service I have been using for a couple years. This is less good.

I have lost nearly all my skills in the grocery shopping department, so it took me about 10 hours and a million dollars. And I failed to get any ingredients to make this cantaloupe into something special. Hours later, I found out that if you wrap it in prosciutto, it becomes fabulous. Grocery fail.

I also fail at throwing and catching cantaloupes with one hand. Frame three shows an injury that occurred as a result of my poor hand/melon coordination. But I recovered without any lasting damage.

So as I mentioned, there are no ingredients to this cantaloupe recipe beyond…cantaloupe. Sorry. Though I would like to hear if you try the prosciutto idea and love it.

There is something very satisfying about cutting open a cantaloupe and then scooping, dividing and chunking. Cutting any large fruit with a big knife seems this way. Pineapple, watermelon, or even an over-size apple is an exciting chop. Am I alone here?

Actual baby news: We have the big 20 week ultrasound tomorrow afternoon, and if baby cooperates, we will know the answer to the “boy or girl” by the end of the day. We are so excited to see the baby on the screen, since up until now, all we have gotten is a little heartbeat flicker coming from a pinto bean, and a few heartbeat recordings at later appointments. It will be amazing to see an actual baby kicking around in there. Oh, yes there is much kicking. Everything is becoming more real.

I have a couple drafts saved on here that have yet to be published. My goal is to get them live this week, because drafts get stale and gross. And my camera came back out in celebration of warmer temps (more than 30 degrees) so stay tuned for some actual DPH, like in the good old days of Megagood.


3 responses to “20 week Cantaloupe

  1. I just love your humour (yes, we spell it that way here in AUS) in all of this, Megan! And looking forward to hearing/seeing an iphone rendition of that BIG 20-wk ultrasound, if one gets made. By the way, you look just GREAT!


  2. I’m glad there were no “googly” (thats how we spell it in “Michigan”) eyes on the cantaloupe. I’m looking forward to your trip back to “Michigan” to see how “GREAT” you look! I’ll “see” you soon!



  3. Baby Cantelope! Yay!

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