Little Big Things

This is not the 21 week belly shot/food post. I can describe that for you though:

Increasingly round girl holds 10.5 inch bananas. Pretends banana is a telephone. Makes muffins.

I will post this week’s maternity series a little later this week. Maybe even tomorrow if I am ambitious. But all of the sudden life has gotten a little busy. In a good way.

Right now, I need to just sit here for a second and settle. I want to reflect on what just happened last week, and soak up its goodness before it rushes by.

Let’s back up about 26 or 27 years. Meet my husband, little Justin.

He may or may not be having a cocktail. No one is sure, but we are sure that he is stinking cute. I want to squish him.

Now meet little me:

Yes, that is pink gingham. And a farmer’s tan. Slightly less squishable than Justin was, but not a bad-looking kid.

I don’t think I am alone in the world of moms-to-be in my daydreams about what baby will look like. What happens when you combine the two photos above? Whose genes will win out in the eye, hair, and skin category? Will they be athletic? Will they want to wear gingham? And what will they be like? Funny? Smart? Shy? Will they like math? Will they want to be a chef or will he be into science? Will baby like hummus? Will they only eat mac and cheese for a year? Oh, please don’t be a picky eater, little Boley.

This new little person is a total mystery to us. That is why each new bit of information we get is a thrill. Last week we went to the 20 week ultrasound appointment. We had our first glimpse of our little MAN.

I know that having a baby is one of the most common things on earth, but it is still amazing when you really think about it. Like I said, we are THRILLED.

It feels good to be able to put a specific pronoun in place when talking about him. I won’t post the picture that allowed us to find out that he was indeed a boy, but I assume you know what boy parts look like. Picture that only really blurry and small.

He is healthy and normal and we were happy to see a real live baby moving around in there. Things are starting to feel real. So many people have bad news delivered to them at this ultrasound appointment. I just can’t imagine receiving the news that something is wrong. I can’t imagine the heartbreak. We feel extremely lucky that all is well and good. I promise we aren’t taking it for granted.

——-frozen yogurt intermission–—–


Other little big things that have been happening include buying a lovely used car that my father-in-law found for us on Craigslist. Oh, Craigslist. I spend an embarrassing amount of hours on there. I won’t tell you the actual amount, but it can’t be normal. We are apartment hunting in the land of a million billion apartments. And this time we really care. Justin has even become actively involved in the online search, which I think is a first in seven years. It is exhausting, consuming, and exciting. But I feel like we may be nearing a well-planned victory in our search.

Oh, yes. A not so little big thing also happened last week…

MY HUSBAND GOT A JOB….!!!asdjfhaeihwafbkjadsn

Not an internship, clerkship, or part-time gig. A REAL JOB.

He will be an official fancy-pants lawyer at the firm of his dreams. The good guys.

I didn’t cry at the ultrasound like I thought I might, but I cried in the hallway before the appointment when he told me he got an offer. It feels like 10,000 lbs have been lifted off our shoulders. Especially for Justin. He is noticeably different. I don’t think I realized how stressed out he was. I am not sure he even fully realized the stress until he got the offer. It was suddenly lifted. He looks 3 inches taller. Seriously. Talk about the best day ever.

I would like to attribute all this to being purely lucky people, but honestly he has worked his ass off. For YEARS. And I am not going to be shy here in taking some of the credit for being patient and supportive. Patience is extremely difficult for me, but I figured it out (most of the time). And it was worth it. There is also a certain wonderful grandma that we owe the world to. I am so proud of him and glad that he will be doing something he loves. And being able to provide for a young little family is definitely something he is smiling about. I admit that I’m grinning, too.


10 responses to “Little Big Things

  1. Clair Hochstetler

    Whew! I don’t think you can top the excitment conveyed in THIS post, Megan! I’m so glad you aren’t taking anything for granted – that really shines through…

    And please give a BIG CONGRATULATORY hug to Justin on behalf of Carole Anne and me.

    Love to you all,

  2. Congratulations on all your fantabulous news! I think you have redefined the term “a good week.”

  3. What awesome news!
    Congrats many times over!

  4. Best post ever! I loved it. It is so amazing to think of who that little guy will be, isn’t it? I used to have dreams I could see him in my belly, a real chubby baby. And Yay Justin! He has to know that his buddies also think he is the smartest man they know, and they are hoping to retire early when he is a multi-billionaire (why they think they are entitled to this I do not know!)

  5. Congratulations to all the Boley’s!

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