21 Week Banana (muffin) Boley

Last week was banana week. A 10.5 inch banana to be specific. Let me know if you ever see one of these, because that is ridiculously large. And most bananas are no more than 8.5 inches at best. But, this whole thing is ridiculous anyway, so I have officially stopped caring if the fruit is the right size or not. Because generally it just won’t be. All I know is that baby Boley is growing, so that is sweet.

This week, I am trying the patented Black and White Except Banana Filter™. Fancy. This is mostly due to my skin being a wreck. Hopefully, some sunshine will help with this problem. What ever happened to perfect glowing skin and hair during pregnancy? Yeah, I am wearing a headband here, too. Meh.

Porp has limited time for phone calls from the banana phone. She can’t be bothered.

Banana hands!

So the above picture may appear gross to you, but when making banana muffins, the more brown your naners, the better. These are prime muffin naners. I have written a couple times about this recipe, because it is one of my all-time favorites. If you only make one of the recipes in this series, make this one. Hundreds of thousands of people agree it is most delicious. Seriously. THOUSANDS.

Besides the bananas, there is a key ingredient that you cannot skip. The cinnamon, butter, sugar crumb topping:

Don’t forget to put it on the muffins BEFORE baking.

Then bake for 18-20 minutes and go see what Norp is up to. Clearly, she is exhausted from all her calls. She has assumed awkward harp-seal-napping-pose on top of no less than two perfectly fluffed plush blankets on her recliner.


Everyone will be a fan of these. Try eating them warm, paired with an ice-cold glass of milk before bed. Or warm in the morning with a cup of coffee. They are amazing even if you aren’t a big fan of muffins.


3 responses to “21 Week Banana (muffin) Boley

  1. Naner hands!!

    Is that one of your cute new Forever 21 finds?!?

  2. Yes! It is a little big on top, but I bet I can shrink it. I am good at laundry disasters.

  3. want. banana muffins. now.

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