Breathing is Good

As I type this, I am finding it hard to breath. The body I am living in is starting to feel foreign to me. I know it is technically the same one I have had for years, but it seriously feels like I am wearing a costume. A heavy one. It is increasingly difficult to get a deep breath due to less space for lungs, extra blood pulsing through my body, and carrying more weight. Specifically on the chest. Ahem.

When I tell Justin about my woes, he reminds me that I’m a “good baby grower.” Thanks, that’s sweet, but that doesn’t really help me breathe. I guess there is nothing much we can do. So I sit here listening to my own heartbeat pound in my ears, feeling my blood pulse through every part of my body like there is a race on. And if I am wearing a necklace, it will bounce with each ridiculously exaggerated heartbeat. I guess this is normal?

Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty well, considering there is another human growing in my abdomen.

Life is continuing at break-neck speed and I am keeping up for now. This week’s big event was finding our new apartment. We had been searching for a while, and just found something that is going to work out nearly perfectly for us. I was so excited yesterday that I got a stomach ache. We are also moving a month and a half early. Which is probably a good thing since I am only going to continue to suffocate under my own weight as the months go by. Time to start packing and saying goodbye to lovely Andersonville. But we are excited to get to know our new hood, Rogers Park. And it is the perfect season to explore.

Yes, spring is officially here. Although Chicago welcomed it with a snowstorm.


But the week before the snow was pretty great. The day before the snow was nice enough to open windows and walk to the park without a coat on. Luckily I had the day off to soak in some vitamin D before putting on the puffy coat once again. March is such a weird month here.

The rink is melting!

The rink is melting!

Schween rests by an open porch window

Then hunts her shadow with intensity. This points to the sad fact that she hasn't seen much sun for months.

Oh, and these are taco pot pies. Nothing to do with spring really. Just a weird dinner we had on Thursday. I know it sounds white trash, but they were actually pretty awesome.


One response to “Breathing is Good

  1. I think I need the recipe for those taco pot pies…the breathing thing sucks, doesn’t it? But, it might help to know, you are an absolutely adorable preggo!

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