23 Week Papaya

Wait—what happened to 22 weeks?

I don’t know what you are talking about.

No really, where is that part of the series?

You are mumbling, I can’t understand the words you are saying. Can I offer you some juice?

I am not a huge fan of Papaya, but when you mix it with pineapple, wonderful things happen. Pineapple is intensely sweet and tangy, and the buttery and musky papaya cuts some of the sharpness when you juice them together. Martha Stewart agrees that this is a good combination. She also puts mint in this mixture, because she is like that. I would have too, but I have pregnancy brain, and ended up with a package of Andes mints instead.  I remembered the fresh mint when I was already pinned into the check out line. And there is no more wiggling between the cart and the candy shelf to escape back into the produce department for a forgotten item. I am clearly too large and too slow for that kind of behavior.

This may look shockingly large. (I am of course talking about the papaya and not my gigantic FACE.) But you have to remember that the comparison to fruit is dumb. They are really only comparing the length from the head to the toe of the baby, and the actual size of the fruit as a whole has little to do with the actual babe within. But I do in fact have an 11+ inch human growing in there.

Little mister is even getting big enough that he got to kick his dad. While resting his hand on my belly yesterday, Justin felt the first pummeling from his son. It was a sweet moment.


3 responses to “23 Week Papaya

  1. Yay for all the photos following the same colour themes

  2. We do love spelling it colour in the states.

  3. Big papa getting kicked by his little papaya – I love it! Not just a sweet moment — it’s one of the really BIG memorable moments. I think I can start calling myself grandpa now…

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