My brother reminded me that I suck this morning. NO REMINDER NEEDED.

Yeah, so I have been absent the last month. Well, online at least. I’m still checking Twitter and Facebook via iPhone, but my google reader is bulging at the seams, much like my maternity pants at 29 weeks. I’ve read only my top 10 favorite blogs here and there, but otherwise I am clueless to what is happening in the other 854 posts that go unread.

I used to go online every night, but now I spend the nights testing my physical capabilities until I want to chop my feet off.


They hurt reeaaal bad. Since we moved almost a month ago, I have had bruised heels, and cannot stand for more than…oh let’s say about 5 seconds before Feet scream in pain to overly ambitious Brain to STOP WALKING ON THEM. Feet have also recruited Hips and Legs in the fight against Brain. They are winning. I am sad. Everyday is harder than the last. The third trimester is serious stuff.

The good news about all this being absent from the web thing is that I have begun nesting with gusto. That is the only word that really describe this obsession. Before I started in on the nursery, the rest of the new apartment got a good taste of the nesting. More of a whipping than a taste actually. I can only assume that Justin is terrified of me, but he’s been studying for his last finals ever, so I am just a blur of crazy in the background that occasionally interrupts him to get my Mizunos laced up. (Not for running, for nesting.)

Wondering where the maternity photo series is? It is in my camera. We have taken pictures during all the absent weeks. I think. If you are wondering what the belly looks like now? Big. Face? Big. I am kind of regretting all this public display of fatness that I decided to engage in when I was a cute 16 weeks. But I’m sure I will be grateful for these photos some day. I will try to post them soon, although my priorities are clearly elsewhere at the moment.

Baby news? Well he is kicking all the time. We call him by name. We love him very much and can’t wait to meet him. Everything is starting to feel more real. We start going to birthing classes in a couple of weeks, and soon we’ll have a pediatrician picked out. We have a stroller. I have a shower coming up. The nursery furniture is being delivered tonight. I am going to do a load of baby clothes laundry tonight. Holy crap.

Anyway, apologies if you came here expecting a DPH or a maternity photo. But here is an crappy cell phone pic as evidence of my nesting:

I made curtains!

And here is a shot of the nursery before I touched the room:

Nursery: BEFORE

Stay tuned for the “AFTER.”


2 responses to “Blog FAIL

  1. Your brother is a good keeper, Megan. You can always count on him to tell you the truth. But, I must say you significantly reduced the recent “suckiness” of your blog with this column! Talk about building up a sense of anticipation!

  2. You may regret the public display of fatness now, but you’ll be soooo glad later. I wish I had more pics of me pregnant.

    Guess I’ll just have to do it again to get some.

    Wait. What did I just say? Bad hormones. Baaaaad.

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