My First Baby Shower

No, seriously. I have never been to one. Last Sunday was my first. AND it was my own. So I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I would like to think it was the best. So there.

I think the key to a great shower involves a combination of the right guests, thoughtful hosts, and lots of finger food.

And most importantly, TARTS!

My friend Sarah made these by hand. And they were the most popular items on the whole table. You can see the vanilla bean flecks in the custard. I am so glad her dog only ate two before the shower. That would have been a disaster.

The shower was a tea party, so there was clearly some tea, tiny sandwiches (with labels thanks to Amber) and other goodies like scones and LAVENDER SHORTBREAD!

And the belly rejoiced.

I am convinced my baby weighs 25-30 lbs.

As I mentioned, one of the keys to a good shower is the guests. Here are some of the pretty ladies. Aren't they lovely

I'm told there are horrible games played at baby showers. There is even one where you eat chocolate out of a diaper?!!? What? No. So luckily there was only one game. And it was great. It involves making a collage of what you think the baby is going to look like. Winner gets a fabulous prize.

The Winner!

I don't know what to say here...

Everyone thought the baby would have cat parts.

Tea break! My brother, Jordan took all these photos by the way. Video is usually his thing, but he did a good job eh?

Now for the gifts. Every shower has gifts and mine were really good. Lots of practical stuff with a mix of cute onesies that were washed and hung in the closet before I went to bed on Sunday. I am a big fan of doing loads of onesie wash. This will soon be less exciting I’m sure, but for now it is a fun time. The best onesie I received had a Meerkat on it. YES. And the best blanket award goes to Grandma-to-be for the perfect handmade afghan that matches the nursery perfectly. Pictures to come.

I am feeling very lucky. And well fed. And well stocked with baby gear. Thanks to my friends for making everything so perfectly perfect. ❤


3 responses to “My First Baby Shower

  1. What a wonderful celebration you must have had, Megan. Soooo very happy for you. Good job with the photos, Jordan! Helped me get a feeling of what it must have been like. -Dad (on the other side of the world)

  2. capribythelake

    Oh I LOVE baby showers (at least the ones that are cool and don’t have the lame games). This one looks so fun, and beautiful and perfect- and you look so lovely and glowing.

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