“Any Day Now?!”

I hear that or “You are ready to pop that baby out” about 10–23,140 times a day now. I can’t be too mad about it. I would think the same thing if I saw me waddling around. Although I wish I could answer with “Yep! Just minutes away!” Sadly, my answer is always “In July,” or “A month left!” Which is always met with pity and well wishes.

My belly is just really big. It is the largest in my birthing class, the most ginormous of the pregnant ladies at work, the most rotund of the red line train. People, what can I say? I make big baby houses. You may say to me “OH GEEZ, look how cute you are!!” But to answer the questions you aren’t vocalizing, yes I am most uncomfortable nearly all the time. Yes, I am pretty much ready to go. Yes, I have stretch marks. I don’t like being called big mama.

S T R E T C H MARKS. I’ve been happily and foolishly oiling my belly for months thinking I wouldn’t get any. Bah. They showed up in the last two days. HELLO. I’m just getting used to the idea of having them, and Justin is being very sweet about the new development. He said that if he got scars from doing something he was really proud of, he wouldn’t be ashamed at all. “What? These things? Oh, they are from when I made something AWESOME.” So he gets bonus husband points for that one.

But I can’t forget how lucky I am to be able to carry a baby around for so long already. I remember doing visualizations during the first trimester to make the baby stay. I feared a miscarriage like many moms do in the early weeks, but baby seems to be happy where he is, and I am grateful he is growing to massive proportions. (I just hope he stays under 10lbs.) I am thrilled to have a pointy frog bottom crushing my ribs. Blissful about bladder punches. Satisfied with swelling. (Actually I loathe the swelling. And the face is the most cruel of all swelling.)

I can’t just sit in the apartment for the next month waiting. Even though I am supposed to take it easy because of my elevated heart rate, Justin and I decided to walk to Loyola Park/Beach. It is a few blocks from our new apartment, and we thought we would see what was happening on one of the most gorgeous days Chicago has seen this year. We were expecting it to be packed. It was not crowded at all. It was perfect.

Does anyone even know about this beach? It is huge and attached to a gorgeous park.

Justin's private life guard


So, there were actually people here. Some kind of patchwork mural on the cement bench barrier was being done.

Good idea.

More pictures here.


6 responses to ““Any Day Now?!”

  1. My kind of place. I am glad you have such a place close by and there is lots of elbow room.

  2. I measured ginormous with Luke, so I understand. I got the, “Are you sure you’re not having twins?” comments all the time. STAB.

  3. Just resist the urge to punch the commenters as long as you can. But if you do give in, no one would blame you. And even if they did blame you, you could blame it on the hormones.

    P.S. I now really, really want to live in Chicago. Who sucked all the water out of Indiana?

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