{I’m thinking to myself how much I want a bowl of cereal before bed. I used to get a bedtime snack for years when I was little me. Usually Cheerios with honey on them.}

So I ask Justin, “Did you get bedtime snacks when you were little?”

“I used to get a big mug of hot tea and then put lots of sugar in it to make sweet tea. Then sometimes some ice cream.”


“Yeah. Then I would take it to a bath and read a book. I was in middle school.”

*maniacal laughter*

“You’ve never read a book in the bathtub while eating ice cream? It’s pretty sweet.”


“That is how I learned the word DECADENCE. My mom told me, ‘You know that is a very decadent thing you’re doing.”

*omg bahahahahh*

What kind of middle school boy reads in the bathtub? I wish I knew him back then. Hilarious.


5 responses to “Decadence

  1. That sounds pretty awesome if you ask me, but I’m 29 and female. Decadent, indeed.

  2. He was wise for his age. I guess I should mention that he was the junior national champion for tae kwon do (sp?) so he needed his rest. Little ninja in the bath sippin tea and reading.

  3. Justin read everywhere all the time but we did not have many sweets around. Sugar was evil in the 80s. He didn’t have anything sweeter than dried fruit until he was close to 3 and then a teller at the bank window gave him a sucker.

  4. Wow, that sounds amazing. I love baths, I love ice cream….hey, why not combine the two?

  5. DUDE! The middle-school version of your husband would get along with the current version of me VERY well. 🙂 My favorite relaxation routine is to get into the tub with a bowl of ice cream, a cup of sweet hot tea, and a good book.

    I’m not kidding. I’m being dead serious. I’ve never heard of anyone else who does this exact thing…

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