A Year Ago

One of the advantages of posting photos all over the internet, is the date and time stamp that goes with that habit. I’ve never been one to frame many photos at home, keep a scrapbook, or any type of photo album. But I have a Flickr account. And I have this place. It’s rad to be able to see what was going on exactly a year ago to the day. I imagine this online photo habit will be great for looking back on wee baby Boley when he is not so wee anymore.

On the night June 26th 2009, I was riding with two beautiful ladies in a rickshaw with a belly full of some of the best food I have ever eaten. We were in Austin Texas for the HOW Design Conference. What a trip.


One response to “A Year Ago

  1. capribythelake

    Oh, I love being able to look back too. I’m just getting around the two year mark of when I started doing all of this- and it’s so fun to look at pictures of Capri, and our old place. It’s so much easier then scrapbooking, framing, and putting things in albums.

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