Nearly Finished Nest

What to see the nursery? It is pretty much done, minus a few things like adding some maps and globes and more black-out curtain panels that are clearly needed. The answer to “where did you get that” is most likely IKEA and Target. It is an incredibly budget-friendly space.

Ready? Follow me.

This is what you see when you enter. The glorious poo station.

Here is the frontal view of the changing area.

These are one of my favorite parts of the nursery. They are animal prints from Berkley Illustration. Click this photo to go directly to the Etsy Shop.

Pygmy Marmoset!

I love the changing "table" because it is clearly a nice sized dresser that will be with us for years. Top drawer? FULL OF TINY SOCKS.

Here is the lamp light that we will be changing nighttime diapers by. I imagine it will be kicked onto the floor. But it is cute now.

If you are standing by the changing area and turn around to face the opposite wall, this is what you see.

Ceiling entertainment. We will probably also add some crib entertainment accessories at some point I imagine.

The rug is two reversible runners from IKEA that I plan to hook together at some point.

Schwen approves.

Now we are in the corner looking at the fabulous window wall.


These are for treasures.

Here is one of the MANY blankets we have for this little guy. This is made by my mom though. And it matches the walls so I love it.

This little rocker has appeared on Megagood before. It was my mom's when she was little, and then mine when I was a wee-one.

This was also my mom's rocking chair. I have no clue where it is from. But I will be spending a lot of time sitting in this scene.

Schween approves.


23 responses to “Nearly Finished Nest

  1. Ridiculously awesome… I love all of the clean lines and fresh colors. Very cheery! I don’t like ‘baby’ stuff, so I love nurseries that are just full of good design 🙂

  2. Oh me, oh my.
    I want to marry your nursery..

    I hope that’s okay…..

  3. I was just tag surfing and found your blog, glad I did! I love your nursery. I myself just had a human baby a year ago. I definitely don’t miss those swollen days! Congratulations and good luck!

  4. Plenty of light in the nursery. You must have been planning and choosing things for months. It all comes together well. Looks like just the type of room a baby Boley would choose to wake up in. Thanks for sharing. (two things: “Breathe in-Breathe out)

  5. Love it!! Very vibrant colors. Wish I could redecorate the girl’s nursery now that we know she’s, you know, a girl.

  6. I love it! What a beautiful room. You will create many beautiful memories in that space, I can tell. And OMG…PYGMY MARMOSET!! Can I just tell you how frickin’ adorable that is? Also, I hate laundry, but folding those tiny little baby socks has brought me so much joy!

  7. Hi! Just found your blog today, I was totally weirded out by the fact that your nursery is like 90% of what I had in mind! the same crib, dresser, bookcases, wall color and paper lanterns, crazy! It’s looks great 🙂

  8. I love it!
    And oh goodness, good thing you got it finished just in the nick of time.:)

  9. capribythelake

    Ohh, I ❤ this nursery…. oh my goodness, great job, it's adorable!

  10. adorable! 🙂 great job… and i love that it is budget friendly. love love love the window wall, btw.

  11. I believe you have built an instant client list for interior design 🙂 It’s gorgeous!!

  12. The nursery looks beautiful! I can’t believe you have had your little boy now!!!! Amazing! I didn’t even realize, and then noticed a comment on your blog – SO excited for you!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear and see more, whenever you finally get a moment! Your baby is here – that means mine is soon to follow!!!! Crazy!

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  14. I want to live in this room!!!

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  16. Awesome! I love the idea of the lamps over the crib.

    I must ask: where is the dresser from? Anyone know? I couldn’t find it on Target or IKEA’s sites.

  17. Megan ;o) I am unabashedly taking several ideas from your nursery design, and I was wondering: where did you buy the cloth bins that you’re using for storage in your bookcase?

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