One Week

7 days ago, Benton was a couple of hours from being born. It seems like a lifetime ago. We have been cuddling, sleeping, eating, filling diapers, and gazing. As it should be. I will write more about the first days later, but right now I am just really proud to have a post with a couple of paragraphs and some cute pictures.

We celebrated the one-week birthday by Benton peeing on me when I thought I was being a nice mom to give him some FRESH AIR down there. Rookie move. And now he is spending some time with dad as he studies for the upcoming bar exam.

Here is the one week photo shoot on daddy’s chest.


13 responses to “One Week

  1. He is the cutest i cant wait to be holding mine

  2. SO precious. So excited for you.


  3. Awesome! So excited…can hardly wait to hold him …but I gotta wait TEN WHOLE WEEKS!

  4. Last photo is the best. Make sure you take lots of photos with YOU in them too! I forgot to do that.

  5. This is so making me miss newborn Isobel when all she wanted was to be cuddled. (Now all she wants to do is climb atop the furniture and do backflips–just you wait! B’s gonna wear you out.)

    I’m so glad everything’s going so well for you guys. I look forward to each tweet and each photo from you.


  6. Maximum LOVE.

  7. Oh. Your baby is so beautiful. What a sweet tiny newborn! Congratulations! I saw your question at Kelli’s blog and I had to come over and say hi : ) So nice to meet you. I wish you many happy days and moments with your sweet baby boy. He is precious!

  8. He is just the sweetest thing. And I think he looks like you. I know this is based on like, very little knowledge of either of you, but still, he looks like you! I love you staring at him… that feeling is like nothing else.

  9. "Grandpa" Hochstetler

    Here’s an interesting weekly series starting tonight on of our local free-to-air TV channels in Australia, featuring a number of birthing stories in one hospital in the UK. The discussion section may get quite interesting:

  10. I just found your blog. Congrats on Brenton! My Samantha was born on June 23! I’m a first time Mom and an experiencing all this myself too! I wish you the best of luck with your little man! 😀

  11. That face! He’s just beautiful. Enjoy these days!

  12. "Grandpa" Hochstetler

    “The Price of Children” ….

    When the window pops up hit “save” first then run the PowerPoint. It’s worth it!

  13. How are things going with your sweet, sweet little baby?

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