One Month: The Good Stuff

I’ve thought of a million things to write in this post. Yet I sit here wondering where to start. I’m not going to try to fit all of the first month in one post. Today’s post will be about the good stuff. Tomorrow will be dedicated to the hard stuff.

But words really do not do this experience justice.

The Cute Stuff

The last 30 days have been seriously full of cute. My heart has burst a million times from cute overload. Every parent thinks their baby is the cutest, and I think this is the most wonderful built-in instinct. It certainly makes the hard stuff softer. Never have I felt softer skin. Never have I seen a more precious pout. I am longing for him to smile at me. And I am quite sure the first laugh will slay me dead.


Speaking of heart bursts, my absolute favorite part of the last four weeks has been becoming a little family. We have been lucky. Although Justin was studying for the bar exam for the first two weeks of Benton’s life, the timing is such that he has been able to be home with us for the first month. And he doesn’t go back to work until the 23rd of August. I KNOW. Lucky. I know. This probably won’t happen when we have our next babies, so we are savoring the time we have now.

It is safe to say that Benton has had a pretty sweet 4th trimester thus far, and has literally been held and snuggled around the clock since both of us are on full-time baby duty. Justin has changed 99% of the diapers since I have been in charge of all the feeding. I KNOW. He really does half of the parenting, if not more some days. Plus, I needed to be taken care of as well in the early days. I knew he would be a good dad, but so far he has totally blown my expectations out of the water.

And if you overheard him talking to Benton from another room, your heart would burst too.


This is the part where you might hate me. Mayhaps I am jinxing myself by writing this. Because from what I can tell, Benton is an easy baby. He really is. We haven’t needed to use the Happiest Baby on the Block techniques that we read about and many new parents are raving about. He just isn’t fussy. If he is, it is because he is hungry. So I feed him. Not a difficult solve there. The child sleeps like crazy. He feeds like crazy. And he keeps his dad very busy on the diaper duty front. None of this is rocket science for us just yet.

We have taken him on adventures to the beach, restaurants, stores, the doctor, Justin’s office, a playdate,  and a family reunion. He has been a trooper through all of this. (I will say that he had a meltdown as we pulled onto our street last night after he spent 8 hours in the car in one day. But I kind of wanted to throw a tantrum as well, and I’m 27 years old.)


I have learned a lot this month. But my transition into being a mom has been smoother than I thought it would be. I was prepared for a hurricane and just got an afternoon rain shower. Don’t get me wrong–I know there is tough stuff to come. I’ll talk about some early challenges in the next post, but the good far outweighs the bad so far. In the coming months I will try to articulate my feelings on being a mom, but right now all I can say is that I have more love than I thought I was capable of.

And my baby fever? SOMEHOW IT IS WORSE. Seriously. I want more babies. I thought it would be lessened with a newborn around, but it has just been amplified. Maybe when he hits the toddler stage I will look back on this post and shake my head?

Now if you excuse me, I am going to go back to staring at my baby for hours on end.


20 responses to “One Month: The Good Stuff

  1. Those last three pics are so funny and adorable, I’m bursting too! Just from “knowing” you through your pregnancy, I thought you would be a great Mom, but it’s awesome seeing how natural you are at it, and the joy and beauty that’s “bursting” from you. Motherhood looks good on you lady. So happy for you!

  2. What a great post and great pics. I can feel the love bursting through the computer. Congrats on your new happy little family.

  3. What a great post! He is so adorable! I have a 3 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. I have been wanting another baby since I had my 3 month old. I had a VBAC so much different then the 1st time around and he is so much more laid back then when my 2 1/2 year old was a baby. Congratulations again on your new addition. I am so happy for you. 😀

  4. My god that is a beautiful baby.

    Cheers to you, Megan! What a lovely family you three make.

  5. oh, this makes me SO happy!! he is just ADORABLE.

    emma was the same way … easy easy baby. i’m so happy you ended up with one, especially your first one. that’ll prepare you for toddler years. 😉

    and yes, you are very fortunate to have your hubby around. ken went back to work 2 days after we got home, but it really wasn’t bad at all. i’m more worried about being home alone with a baby and a 3-year old in da house, lol.

  6. he has such an expressive face! love!

    i’m glad you’re enjoying it. we had an easy baby too and i almost felt guilty telling all my friends who hated and struggled with the infant phase that i was… enjoying it. not that there aren’t hard parts but it’s really been 90% awesomesauce and i was prepared for horrible horrors. eleven months later, i haven’t seen them yet.

    maybe we’re just lucky. whatever, i’ll take it!

  7. Oh! Those FACES!

    I’m so glad you are having a not-so-difficult time with the new baby. My baby is 4.5 months old now, but I think you and I have had similar baby-caring experiences – I prepared for the worst and ended up with a cheerful baby who is reasonably good at eating and sleeping.

    Looking forward to the follow-up post! (And more photos. Always more baby photos.)

  8. I’m so glad you are loving this. I was one of the ones with a rough first couple of weeks, but now I’m in week 8 and things couldn’t be better. I know I’ve said this before but you are SO lucky to have your hubby there with you so much. That would have helped me tremendously and I’m sure would have deleted about 95% of my breakdowns. Your baby is SOOOO adorable and I think we need to get together soon and photograph our two littles side-by-side to make all these mommies swoon 🙂

  9. oh good lord – i am new here and here i am already smitten with your baby. it is really sweet and nostalgic for me to read about your first month with your first baby…i have three boys, my oldest is turning 7 next month. SEVEN!!

    the picture from above of B conforming to your body with his little skinny arm wrapped around your waist seriously gives me heart pangs. i miss that. soak it up. all of it.

    so glad to have discovered your beautiful blog. xo

  10. He is adorable, Megan. What a cute face.
    Glad to hear the first month has been gentle and your boy is getting to spend it with both of the people that love him the most.
    I felt totally lucky to have my husband around for the first five weeks. Felix and I are finding our way now that’s he back to work and some days are a little tricky, but mostly we are having a darn good time eye-gazing the days away.

  11. Baby!! I just found your blog and you’re not helping my baby fever go away. My babe turns 1 on Thursday (how did that happen?) and I’m just aching for a itty bitty baby again. He’s adorable!

  12. Well I had already decided, the issue is I’m having a hard time waiting – I see a newborn and I’m like gotta get pregnant now! I want to wait until Scarlett is a bit older which is hard at the moment. I’ve never been a patient person!

  13. Oooh, he’s so tasty. I’m so glad motherhood is such a pleasure for you.

  14. Those faces!! It’s awesome having help in the beginning. We’re just at the end of summer break for my husband and I will be very, very sad to be doing this mostly on my own soon!

  15. so glad everything is going well! he’s a beautiful (and lucky) baby!

  16. oh those early days, so precious (and exhausting! heh) Enjoy, mama. He’s beautiful!

  17. Oh my gosh, that last picture. STOP IT. {I envision a bubble above his head – “What’s up, ladies?”}

    Does he have a girlfriend yet? Because I’m about to know this little chick….

  18. Easy babies DO make you want more. They’re tricky like that. Of course, then when the easy baby tricks you into having another and the other isn’t so easy, you’re all, Wait, wasn’t that false advertising!?

  19. This is probably, most certainly, definitely one of my most favorite posts ever. You, Benton and Justin are good. But you three together? AWESOME and beautiful.

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