What Are We Even Doing?

This post is mostly for the grandmas and great grandmas. (How awesome is it to have great grandmas that read blogs?!) This is also for those of you who somehow care what we are doing from minute to minute. Which means you probably follow me on Twitter and are a fellow mama. YOU are crazy. I love you.

This is also for those of you who haven’t hopped on the baby wagon just yet, but have an uncontrollable urge to read mommy blogs. Welcome, lurkers. I was once in your shoes just a few months ago. Say hello. I know you are there. I can see you in my stats for heaven’s sake.


10:30 pm

This is the magic hour. If he eats now, then YAY. We will likely make it until the middle of the night until the next feeding. He is the type that falls asleep easily after he eats, so we don’t have to worry about swaddling and walking and soothing the little man. He gets milk drunk and then passes out.

So then I head off to bed and eventually Justin and Benton follow. We are co-sleeping at the moment. This was not planned or thought about much. It’s just feels right.

3 am

The Gruntasaurus is in full grunt mode. I sit on the side of the bed and feed him while checking Twitter, hoping that other mamas are awake. One night I saw a post that basically said that if you ever feel lonely during the early morning feedings, just think of the massive sea of women around the globe that are also up, simultaneously feeding their babies along with you.

After he is done eating, Justin wakes up and burps him while walking him to the changing station. Then the freshly diapered baby is nestled into the bed again and we sleep some more.

6:30 AM

Guess what? FEEDING. He awakes with some grunts as per usual. This is when he gets really cute and wide-eyed and looks like he is holding back a smile. His clogged tear duct has caused overnight eye crustaceans that he could care less about, but I am super grossed out with. Picking ensues. He’s super alert and ready for breakfast. With a wild shake of his head, he latches like a shark and eats like he has never had anything so tasty.

After his breakfast, we either hang out in the bed for some tummy time, or he goes to the living room with one of us until he falls asleep for a good morning nap. Yesterday, I came into the living room to find the men asleep on the couch all snuggly-like.


For the first 5 weeks, he pretty much ate and slept. There would be short periods of alertness where we would oooh and awww at him and tell him he was a genius, but really he just wanted to sleep. Just in the last week he has been interested in being awake a bit more. His most favorite activity is gazing at our faces. Which is most convenient, since we pretty much just stare at him anyway.

It is like someone turned a light switch on in his head, because now he suddenly wants to know what is going on around him. He has shown his dad some smiles, and I have caught a fleeting grin as well. But most of the time he looks like he is in deep thought. Or like he is planning something epic.

He has a crazy strong neck, so I put him in the Bumbo yesterday. Cuteness ensued. Porpus approved.

Yes, that is Justin in the background drinking a coffee the size of his head.

Walks with dad around the apartment are pretty exciting. So many things to see for a new human. Mirrors are an especially exciting new curiosity.

When that gets old, there is always quite a bit of leg kicking to do. It is a top priority for the little man. He will push himself up to a standing position if you let him. Strong like bull.

The rest of the day is basically lunchtime in his opinion. And if it is a growth spurt week, then he will literally feed every hour. This is insane. Seriously, pure madness. If you haven’t had a baby yet, that is the one thing that will surely take you by surprise. They eat. ALL. THE. TIME.

Sometimes people come over to visit the little man. They give him gifts and tell him he is cute. He approves of such a thing.

Other times, grandma come over and has dance parties with him to Raffi and John McCutcheon. These are the same songs that she danced to with me when I was a wee baby. Grandma always brings food for her own baby who is now 27. This makes me think that the feeding thing is life long. LORDY.

If we are feeling really fancy, Benton gets into a baby wrap or sling and goes to the beach or out to dinner. He is an angel when he is being worn. If anyone hasn’t tried babywearing, I HIGHLY recommend it. I will do a full post on this a little later. It is amazing.

So that is pretty much it. We are going on our first pontoon ride within the next few days up in Wisconsin, so wish us luck. Great Grandma, Helen Benton Boley, will be meeting the little boy who has her maiden name as his first name. I hope they get some good gazing time in.

It is time to feed him again, so I have to go. Thanks for stalking!


15 responses to “What Are We Even Doing?

  1. Love love love to your beautiful family.

  2. This all sounds familiar – the baby girl in our house is three weeks old now. 🙂 Eating all the time…though that often gets interrupted by taking the 2yo to the bathroom. Or breaking up a sibling argument. Or making yet another meal or snack for the kids. I’m thinking I need to learn to nurse in a sling!

  3. oh i love this … and your pictures. he’s SO cute. if there are non-parents reading your blog, they will be brought over to the dark side very soon. 😉

  4. I’m a non-parent, mommy blog obsessed, lurker. I even wrote a slightly creepy post that was about Benton without mentioning him.

    Not really creepy. It’s just that I had a dream a long time ago about having a baby named “Wenton.” And since it rhymes with Benton, and Benton is so cute, and I can sense your love for him, and it’s all so mushy and sweet- I decided that finding your blog had to be a sign that I was supposed to get knocked up. Now.

  5. I’m a non-parent, somewhat of a lurker. (I’ve been lurking for just a few minutes, if that counts.) Benton is adorable….and kind of makes me want to have a baby sooner, rather than later!

  6. Wow, only one middle of the night feeding (I actually inadvertently wrote stalking, then erased it) — not bad.

    My Chicago Mommy group is now meeting every two weeks on Monday afternoons. Next one is Aug 30. Let me know if you’re up for meeting moms.

  7. I love his expressions, so adorable 🙂

  8. ah, yes, this is a great reminder of what i have coming in just 7 weeks. it is amazing how quickly i forgot the around the clock feedings and all the other fun stuff that comes with a newborn (heck, i still have a baby at 22 months). i like your writing, i think i will be returning. 🙂 and babywearing? yes, LOVE it.

  9. He is absolutely adorable – I love the pictures of him in his bumbo.

    I miss breastfeeding & cosleeping so bad. My daughter self weaned from cosleeping. . . Sometimes, when she wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle, I bring her back into bed with me. I miss it that much. It worked for us and was easy – It also wasn’t our plan. But I spent the 1st 3 weeks of her life alone (my husband was deployed) so it was the easiest for me. Enjoy it. Soak it all in. And love it.

  10. stamp of bumbo approval!

    p.s. look at your cheekbones back in action! hallelu!

  11. You guys are adorable and I love his facial expressions! We coslept for a while as well, it’s just easier. And one overnight feeding is seriously awesome – Scarlett is a year old and still wakes once a night and wants a bottle.

  12. I am a mommy blog lurker, cannot believe you called me out! 😉 No kids yet, I am a newlywed and everyone around me is having babies – 4 friends have had babies in the past 6 weeks with another 2 due any day now. So I guess we may have to jump on board soon. Feels weird to write to you when I don’t know you, but I feel like I kind of know you from your blog – I am so happy for you with Benton. He is adorable! So glad that you seem to be loving every minute (or most at least!) of it.

    • I love that you commented! Thanks for reading. I am definitely loving most of motherhood so far. Good luck if you decide to jump in to the baby pool as well. And don’t be shy!

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