Pontoon Buffoonery

How amazing is it to think that one day you will have grandchildren. Mind blowing, eh?

What about GREAT grandchildren? It is something I can’t really wrap my mind around. I just can’t.

This week, Benton met his Great Grandma Helen Benton Boley up at her beautiful house in Madison, Wisconsin. They got along splendidly. I have the proof right here:

This was Benton’s second road trip. Again, the destination was to see a great grandparent. So being a wise little soul, he behaved like an angel in the during the long car ride.* But road trips make a new human tired. There is a lot of new information to process. Luckily, Great Grandma Helen has a huge napping couch.

Can you tell this child has no interest in swaddling? He is spraw-to-the-waw as we say here.

Hey Mr. Benton, try looking more like a SERIOUS MIDDLE AGED MAN. Goodness.

I much prefer Baby B to Mr. Benton.

Since Helen lives on a lake, we decided that we should have lunch on the water and then ride her Pontoon. Named Pontoon Buffoonery. Yes indeed.

Usually I wear him in the Moby when we are out to eat, but he was tired of getting fries in his hair. Dad kept an eye on little one and a hand on a Bloody Mary. Because it was a Thursday after all.

First boat ride! Woot!

First diaper change on a boat! Woot!

Apparently, pontoon riding is SERIOUS business for Mr. Benton Wilford Brimley Boley.


*All angelic car behavior is subject to how fast the car is moving. Chicago rush hour traffic on the way home was HORRIBLE. So yeah. Angry baby. Also? Angry mama. No one likes rush hour. Traffic is dumb.

5 responses to “Pontoon Buffoonery

  1. Serious face? Love. Can’t wait to meet Baby B!

  2. I LOVE this post. Family is so amazing isn’t it? Beautiful photos too. I want to go on a boat now 🙂

  3. he is absolutely precious! love the pictures – great grandma’s home is beautiful! 🙂

  4. Lovely pictures!
    Benton is so handsome – even when he is looking so serious!
    I like the trees in the backyard at Benton’s great grandparents.

  5. I love this post. A LOT. I love how handsome Benton is, I love the name Helen, I love that you were able to visit and that last photo of Justin and Benton? A good reason to explode.

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