Benton Benjamin Button

It is well-known by Benton’s relatives, buddies, and interweb fans, that he is a SERIOUS baby. Like Godfather serious.

This baby is an old man. Or at least an old soul that has decided to return for another round of life. This man has worked in coal mines and railroads. He’s bounced great grandchildren on his one good knee since he probably lost the other leg in a war. He’s seen things, you know?

We are honored to be the ones to raise him this time around. I hope we don’t disappoint. But so far he is just so judgey with that face. THE FACE IS ALWAYS WATCHING.

So how do you coax a smile from such a furrowed creature? Acting ridiculous may work. He will occasionally grin at the silly adult humans who think he doesn’t know anything more than what any other 7-week-old would know. He chuckles at us fools, who are ignorant of the vast wisdom that he has collected throughout the ages.

The hard set jaw cracks. Out comes pure joy.

It makes you wonder how anyone could possibly go on to be a bad person if they have ever successfully coaxed a smile out of a baby. Everyone on earth should stop what they are doing, find the closest baby, and make him smile. Then they are allowed to carry on with their silly business. I swear things would improve in no time. How can anything go wrong when smiling babies become our tiny overlords.*

For a week or so, Benton’s smiles were very shy. Justin was the only one who could prompt them. How rude. I am the one with the food! And yet he was all business with his mom.

I haven’t shared many photos of us together because I am horribly camera-shy with all this extra weight. But I do have some photos of mama time, because it would be too sad to look back and be absent from all the captures.

This is one of our first moments together. He has changed SO MUCH already. How am I already nostalgic looking at this photo that was taken just last month?

I think I have actually shared this one before, but it was one of our first days at home. My nose is still pregnant. He is such a tiny bean here.

Bath time! Complete with a furrowed brow of course. Please notice that my nose is no longer pregnant here. I'm so proud.

But the mama moment that tops them all so far is getting him to smile. He loves to look into our wall of circle mirrors with me. It is almost a sure way to get the old man to grin. *splode*

*I realize that there can only be one tiny (toddler) overlord. And her name is Isobel. We will all do her bidding.

7 responses to “Benton Benjamin Button

  1. I LOVE that first photo of you two! Wow.

    He is darling.


  2. 1. i love your blog. have i said that enough? i love the way you tell stories. finding new blog(ger)s i love is what keeps me blogging.

    2. he is a dollface.

    3. i am already nostalgic over photos taken eight days ago.

  3. You’ve waxed eloquent Megan. These images are soft and precious.

  4. Beautiful smiles are all the better when they come out of serious faces. He’s gorgeous! But I think I’ve said that before.

  5. This child has the cutest serious face ever. I love your little backstory… He was definitely a coal miner at some point in his past life. That kid is going to break some hearts one day.

  6. Bwa ha ha! He is going to make me an offer I can’t refuse!

    He is adorable. Wow.

    Benton and Isobel are going to rule the world with their tiny iron fists.

  7. hi there…i heart your blog, with a big, giant, happy heart. we were twitter friends, i fell off the face of the earth, and then you had this beautiful bundle. he is so incredibly beautiful. you look so beautiful. and now, i’m expecting my second baby boy in december (6th to be exact). i’m so happy for you it’s shining from my soul, and i love when that happens. so happy to be back and reading your lovely blog again. and seeing pictures of that precious angel…

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