The Anti-Nap

I was so excited about the nap that Benton and I were going to take. The bedroom was so peaceful. Everyone, including the grandparents and great grandma, was back at the hotel napping.

I didn’t even consider that he might not sleep, because that is pretty much all he does. But the first rule of baby club is don’t pretend you know anything about baby club. Because they will prove you wrong for the fun of it. They will get away with it too, because you love them more than anything and just look at all the cute:

Awww. Let me just snap this one photo before I snuggle in next to him. This is going to be such a great nap.

Oh, weird. Here we are snuggled in and he seems to be awake. Hmm.

Well at least he is being cute and not scowling. This can't last long, he just ate and has been at the park for a couple of hours. SLEEP WILL COME SOON.

WHYyyyyyy Why why whyyyy. Oh, my tired but bursting heart.

So I fed him again. Then he appeared to be sleeping, but a couple of minutes later he puked 3 good ounces into the bed, barely missing my face. Now we are awake and he is eating again because DUH, he threw it all up.

Justin just woke up from his 2 hour nap, and will now be joining baby club.

Good luck, good sir.

I am going to nap in a giant puddle of spit-up.


4 responses to “The Anti-Nap

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes! Your reflection prompted this early memory. I remember feeling all warm and fuzzy on the first night I took my baby son home from the hospital. I slept on the couch with my hand on his back as he lay in a little travel bed next to me. My hand was monitoring the rise and fall of his little back with each breath.
    Then came a 3 am sip and change. My baptism came in the process of changing his diaper. At first, in my sleepy state, there was the sound of gentle rain. Then I began to softly giggle as I noticed his little fireman, spraying and swaying to and fro. The giggles just billowed, and I realized, this was just our first game of GOTCHA! Just who was teaching who? From that point forward, both he and I experienced teaching and learning from each other. He’s forty-four now, and over ten thousand miles away. He’s a father of three, a loving husband, brother, and friend to many many folks.
    We still learn from each other. I’m often reflecting over the years of his growth, the laughter and tears. And at the end of the day, the memory of those little hands and feet I knew so well, still bring a smile to my lips. You and Benton and in the beginning of your adventure together. And it is so great that you really ” get that” so early on. Thanks Megan for writing so well.

  2. OMG, that first picture of him. What a snuggle.

    Your nap experience reminded me of how the first four months with Isobel were. She was not a great napper but always managed to fall asleep when we wanted her to be awake but was awake when we desperately wanted to sleep.

    I really can’t complain since sleeping through the night was pretty much the trade off for not napping.

  3. What a gorgeous bed!!! 😛

  4. Love the photos! Nothing better than getting a good nap in and nothing worse than not getting one when you so think you will!

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