That’s right. I have moved to a commune. Well, at least a virtual one. But sometimes I wish it was real.

This commune is my Twitter community of parents. Mostly moms, a couple of mums, and a sprinkling of papas.

Within a couple of months, I have made connections with people who I can tell will be in my (virtual) life for many years to come. And hopefully a handful will turn into friends in real life.

If I need support, they will give it. If I need advice, they’ve got it. When I want to laugh, they make me. I truly can’t imagine how new moms, or well seasoned mamas for that matter, lived without the internet. It is more important to me than any baby gear that is supposed to make a parent’s life easier. Give me some diapers, a burp cloth and my iPhone, and I can take care of Benton with no worries.

Have you seen the movie Babies? My favorite scenes are those filmed in Africa. It was the only story that the documentary followed where the moms and children all hung out together all day long. They were never alone, and seemed to have a pretty good time raising kids in a big community under a tree. I want to go to there. (Sort of.)

Twitter, you are my African mama tree.

I know that jenkanable0204 and typicallymeg are going back to work tomorrow and will need extra support. sarahviola and jayesel are pregnant to the max and will hopefully be tweeting some good news very soon. ecsuperhero has had  a terrible weekend with a sick little one, which makes me sad because she deserves a good weekend with healthy boys. foldinglaundry needs to paint her front door and hide her boy Noah. Because I want to steal him and his mustache.

exlibris and thegrumbles are my girl crushes. Their babies, Jude and Isobel are pretty rad too. I can’t not laugh with them around.

I kind of want to be swonderful. She can do no wrong in my eyes, and I like to creep around in her Flickr photostream because it is so beautiful. JoyfulAbode is always around for conversation. She knows a lot of things about everything. I hope her husband gets home soon to snuggle their new baby girl. ryles knows a lot, too. Especially about pumping and spit-up matters.

nataliejanette is one of the most adoring mothers in my Twitter feed. She loves her new tiny dancer to pieces. I wish I lived next door to keli_h . We would have play dates and take photos together while babywearing in the park.  Speaking of babywearing, babysteph is kind of a big deal. Just about everyone looks to her for advice and she has a lot of love to give. Caprismama encouraged me to stop lurking. THANK YOU.

SaraJOY just had twins. Related: she doesn’t have much time for Twitter, but we love her when she is there. Crookedeyebrow sold a house and needs to get into a new one so she and her cute family have a place to live. bigcitybelly just took a little one on a plane to Denver, and lived to tell about it. She is also willing to be my friend in real life. YES!

asiajane probably thought I was a library person, but is now stuck following me. TheRedQueen is likely in that boat as well, but I enjoy the company of her and her gruntasaur.

There are MANY more of you that I love who aren’t mentioned here. You are nice enough to stop by and humor me with responses to my queries and ponderings. Thank you. This virtual community is far more amazing than I thought possible. Virtual hugs to all.

Are you a new mom that is not on Twitter? If you feel kind of lonely or lost and need a buddy, please follow me. I will introduce you around and you just might fall in love with these people like I have. They will even be up with you during the 3 a.m. feedings and never care that  you are wearing crusty spit-up on your outfit. Nothing can shock them, and no question is too stupid.

And a short apology to my followers that were there before  I started tweeting about my water breaking and baby poop. *Sorry* You can unfollow. I totally understand.


Yes, there are moms that survived child rearing WITHOUT the internet. Meet my mother in law, donnaboley. She did a pretty good job without it.
And now she has the joy of being a grandma! We are calling her Nonna. Can you tell she likes Benton? Just a little bit?


29 responses to “Commune

  1. Well there you go making me cry. Thank you for being there for us too. It *is* a pretty remarkable community, I agree 100%.

    {This typed, of course, on an iPhone during a nursing session.}

  2. Beautiful. All of it. I wonder how different my relationship with twitter/online connection would be if I had been online then (7yrs ago) like I am now. Very different in a short time. But I’ve seen this, what you write of here, and it is so huge for so many people. (I saw a few of my favorites sprinkled into this post of yours, too.) xo

    • It is such an amazing community that I didn’t expect to come across. I was so nervous going into motherhood alone. I don’t feel lonely one bit, even though I spend my days pretty much alone.
      Glad to have met on this thing!

  3. I often wonder how moms did it ‘back in the old days’. Having Twitter as a support system is amazing.

    You’re doing great, Mama 🙂 🙂

  4. Awwww! I find so many of these women just amazing, as well!

  5. holy linking fool!

    You are awesome.
    and I heart you


  6. I’ll gladly stick by you and your baby stories! It’s been a while for me, so I get to live vicariously. 🙂

  7. i love all my twitter mom friends so much. would it be dorky of me to tell you that i think of all of you as my secret besties? it’s constant support out there like you just can’t believe.

    (from my iphone, while pumping, of course)

  8. I just joined you underneath your African tree yesterday, per Beth’s (foldinglaundry) suggestion and I’m already feeling at home under this umbrella with you.

    Your little dude is definitely one of the cutest “bosses” I’ve ever seen! Great to “tweet” you and your blog! 🙂

    btw, I’m @elainea and alot of your friends are my friends. BIG internet HUG!

  9. I LOVE sitting under the Mama tree with you and B.

    LOVE it.

  10. It really is one of those things where I wonder how we did all this without the internet 🙂 The community is such an incredible part of it all.
    (and I cannot believe that I just started following you the other day, because we follow all the same people ;))

  11. I puffy pink heart this SO much. I often wonder how my mom did without the internet. She nursed twins. In the 70s when no one nursed, let alone TWINS. I don’t know how she survived the hours on the couch with no Twitter, no connection to anyone else. It amazes me.
    I wish we could all live in a commune for real.

  12. This is such an amazing post. Truly. I feel honored to be mentioned. Wanna come paint my door with me? You’ve seen my house…what color do you think I should paint it?

  13. The grandma/mother-in-law, Nonna Donna LOVES Benton (understatement) and thinks he is a genius. Already, I miss him madly. I am so glad and lucky to have such a capable, intelligent, and nurturing daughter-in-law! Lucky me! It is wonderful that she has found so much on-line interaction and support.

  14. I love this post. I feel the EXACT same way. Twitter was around but wasn’t really big when A was born. I totally could have used the support of other moms. Instead, I turned to Dr. Google or one of the baby sites for questions and totally drove myself CRAZY! I was convinced that she had every ailment imaginable or was behind developmentally. What I really needed were other moms to say “you’re okay, calm down.” I LOVE that I have it now and that I’ve “met” so many fantastic women like you!

  15. did you know we are going to meet someday and hang out? because we are. plan accordingly.

  16. Ahh, love this post and understand exactly what you mean! So much love and support to be found. Such a community!

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