Mirror Game

I just hit send on my formal letter of resignation to my agency life.

And then I sat on the floor with my baby and a mirror and we played. We are working hard on turning the furrow into smiles.

Then I realized how gorgeous Chicago is today, so now we are going to take the train downtown to eat gelato in the park and introduce Benton to the Bean.

Here is the last time they were together. 76 days ago. Um...WOW.

There are a lot of people in cubes who would be pissed off if I wasn’t taking full advantage to being free of said cube. So in the name of not taking things for granted, I am off.


21 responses to “Mirror Game

  1. You quit your job? ^_^ Congrats!

    Had you planned on that? What did you used to do? Are you happy/relieved/excited?

    (I know, 5 million questions!)

    Oh…and CUTE BABY!

    • I had planned on it. I am very excited and lucky to beable to stay at home with the cute baby. I was an art director at an ad agency. I will miss the people, but not the work itself. I wrote a post called “the new gig” that explains my feelings a bit more.

  2. Senator’s sweet hairdo makes me smile.

  3. That wink will get many votes, just you wait and see!

  4. He is SO CUTE. I love that first photo (top left.)

  5. The Weddington Adventures

    Outstanding photos. Cograts on your newfound freedom & Great blog!

  6. Congratulations 🙂
    Hope you guys had a fantastic day!!

  7. i remember my letter of resignation too. it was hard, but i haven’t regretted it. i also remember when i traveled to chicago this summer and snapped a preggo picture in front of the bean. 🙂 although, i missed out on gelato- yum!

  8. The bean is SO cool. And I love that belly!

    Hope you got some pics of the ‘escaped’ Benton with the bean- ha!

  9. I remember that bean picture! How can it possibly have been 76 days already? As I said, time flies…and you are becoming an even more fantastic mom every day.

  10. I can’t get over how cute he is! How fun that you can take the train into Chicago. I love that city and love that bean! Hope it was a great day!

  11. I love that first photo on the left, where it looks like he’s squinting. GORGEOUS!

    How did it feel to send off that letter? That is really big.

  12. awe wow! I wish I had traveled more while pregnant (since it’s so hard to do now) or done more while pregnant. I love the mirror pictures. My son loved looking at himself! He loved pictures of him as a baby try printing some and making ‘flash cards’ of himself. We had a lot of fun with that!

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