Mommy Goggles

I’m so thankful that I didn’t suffer any blues or PPD as some moms do. The only blues I am dealing with are these.

I am about 95% sure they will start turning brown in a bit, so I have to get some staring time in while they are still here. Not that I won’t love the brown eyes. Brown eyes are clearly awesome.

I want to dive into them. We spent awhile memorizing each others’ faces this afternoon. I realized that I have been taking too many crappy cell phone pictures because that is easier. So I got the real camera out and got in close. Because he changes SO FAST.

I always figured that I would think my baby was cute (as any mom does), but everyday I am astounded by how many hours I can spend staring at him in awe. How did he possibly come from me? Is he really here? Was he really NOT here at some point? Whose lips are those? Will they smile at me if I act like a fool for him? These are the burning questions of a new adoring mama.


8 responses to “Mommy Goggles

  1. Yes, yes, and yes. Was he (she) really not here at one point? I ask myself this question so many times a day. Seriously. I don’t remember, nor do I want to, a time before she was here. This is life now. This is the incredible life we have now. 🙂

  2. oh man. I miss my son’s blue eyes they were this same color. Then turned a bright blue and now they are light brown lol. *SIGHS*

    He’s gorgeous!

  3. The memorization phase is the best part, honestly. I remember spending endless amounts of time snuggled on the sofa while Olivia just stared at me. It was awesome.

    And, once he starts giggling at stuff, you will find you will make any weirdly retarded face just to get him to laugh.

    and it will be wonderful

  4. I think all of my children’s eyes are amazing too! Two of mine have their Daddy’s blue and one has Hazel. None got my brown. Crazy, huh?

    Thanks for the reminder to get the REAL camera out… these are wonderful!

  5. Most of my early Isobel photos are also iphone shots. I totally feel you on that.

    He’s super gorgeous. I had PPD and it was awful, but let me tell you? It was worth it.

  6. I love that you can see your reflection in the third shot. Love. I wish I’d taken more photos of my boys when I was staring into blue, because now all I see is brown. And yes, brown is awesome and I have my genes to thank for that, but I just keep hoping for a blue eyed babe.

  7. p.s. I typed in instead of and now I will be getting fired because megagood is a porn site.

  8. Oh my heart just melted looking at those pictures! I spent 3 months of maternity leave staring at Nora and into her eyes. And I wonder where the time goes.

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