The Cure to Fussy Hour

Play group in the park.

Benton loves people. LOVES. He is happiest when being held and chatted up by a larger human. He doesn’t care if it’s a stranger. In fact, he seems to be at his best when meeting new people.

I am beginning to think that his nightly fussy hour is due to being bored with his parents. We had a party this weekend during the fussy hour, and he was totally into it. I think he wishes we lived with a dozen other roommates so he wouldn’t get sick of the same of mom and dad faces. Rude.

Last week, we went on an adventure every day. Trains, buses, and cars. Uptown, downtown, and in between. He was into it. These adventures were more for my sake, but any place that involved people was good in his book.

Do babies with very social tendencies grow into kids that are social as well? How much can I really tell about his personality from what he likes at 10 weeks? Let me know what your experience is with this.


7 responses to “The Cure to Fussy Hour

  1. Well, Tori became set on charming the world with her very first smile, and she hasn’t yet wavered in her determination. She loves people. All people. And they seem to love her back.

    I’m hoping that continues. I certainly have no social skills to teach her.

  2. According to my Mom “fussy hour” is a way of life and a natural part of being a newborn. All the babies in our family had fussy hour in the evening, although sometimes it stretched to two hours. Man, I don’t miss those times.

    You really couldn’t tell anything about Isobel’s personality at that age. She was a calm, sedate baby and a rock ’em, sock ’em robot now! I never would have guessed.

    I think the best indicator to his future personality would be to look at Mama and Dada, and their Mama and Dada, to see what you’re going to get. 🙂

  3. I think you’ll just have to see where he leads… I think this is a good sign he’ll be social, but how you interact at home is a factor, too, as a parent and establishing a foundation of love and security- letting him experience and react how he needs to- all of that matters and of course you seem to be doing a great job at that! 🙂

    I do have to say my most “social” babies turned into kids that are more social with adults than kids their age!


  4. Luke was an extreme extrovert as a baby. Even when he was six months, old enough to somewhat recognize faces, we could hand him to a stranger and walk away to return to find him totally happy. As a toddler, he’s not as outgoing. He does get shy when he first is around a group of people and will take awhile to warm up. Now, once he warms up, he is extroverted, but it doesn’t come as easily as it did as a baby.

  5. I would say it’s not a sure thing. But it’s a clue. Tuck that knowledge away and see how he continues to develop.

    Our oldest was incredibly easy-going as a baby. She just rolled with every situation and was always happy and content. And guess what? She’s the same way today at 9. So yes, I think it’s possible for individual personalities to start showing up in the wee ones.

  6. My son was a very social baby who was happy to be around people and would go to anyone at any time. He’s now a very, very social person. He loves being around both kids and adults and is happiest when he has someone to play with. So yes, I think social babies grow into social kids!

  7. Lucas loved new people at first then it slowly changed to people he knew then it was just mom, dad, and grandma. Now he’s opening up to people who are around but he’s got massive stranger anxiety if they get too close. He’s very big on personal space. (Except when it comes to MINE lol).

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