The Furrowed Brow

I confess that may be misrepresenting the baby at this point. I would say he has gone from 100% furrowed all the time, down to only 50%. It’s pretty easy to get a smile out of him these days. He thought folding the laundry was a riot today. His fussy hour is even less fussy if he has the right amount of entertainment or socializing. But I couldn’t resist posting these preciously serious furrowed brow shots.

Because what if the tiny furrow disappears all together? He changes so fast. I will surely miss the concerned looks if he grows out of it.Β I guess I will just have to have another baby then. πŸ™‚

Speaking of which, if you are a parent of more than one kid, how far did you space them out? Did you have a plan? Lack of any plan? How many years in between children worked best for your family? Should I be concerned about lack of bedrooms or just make it work? If you don’t have more than one, but plan to, what factors are you waiting on before trying to get pregnant again or adopting a second baby?

Don’t get all excited/worried about me just yet. I have some one-on-one time I want to spend with the sweet baby I have napping on my lap. I’m just curious about what makes people take that big step into having more than one kid. Do tell.


15 responses to “The Furrowed Brow

  1. He’s so cute!

    We have six kids. I am still surprised when I say that. Our first three were born in 23.5 months (Oct. ’01, ’02, ’03)! We obviously did not plan that. It was hard, but they are now about to be 7, 8, and 9 and it is so nice. I wouldn’t recommend having them that close, but it does have some positives. After that there has been 2.5 yrs and then 2 yrs and 2 months between the others. I think about 18 months is good for spacing, although we have not had that exact time frame.

    You will find that there are as many opinions on this as on anything. You have to figure out what you think will work best for you. How flexible are you? Do you really like to have things organized and exactly as planned? How do you handle chaos? Of course you can’t know for sure until you are in a situation, but there are things to think about.

    I think living space should be low on your priority list though. We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house and it is just fine. As our kids get older we hope to have a slightly bigger house, but my kids will always share a room. My only complaint at this point is the lack of a playroom, but that just encourages us to get rid of stuff fairly frequently.

    Finally, don’t wait until you’re totally sure you want to have another because you might never get to that point. πŸ˜‰ There will always be unknowns.

  2. we totally planned everything out. Ken left it entirely up to me, so my criteria to start ttc #2 was as follows …

    * Emma had to be potty-trained
    * she needed to be able to talk and be reasoned with
    * she had to be able to do things on her own, follow directions, dress herself, etc.

    clearly, I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of parent when it came to this, but I knew what I would or wouldn’t be able to handle, so I was very specific in my list.

    it still took about 6 months after everything on the list was checked off for me to be ready to ttc, but I just waited until it felt right. until I had peace about it.

    I can definitely see the positives in having kids back-to-back, but it just wasn’t for me.

    and I will be honest … having two is about a million times harder than having one, because there is that 2nd kid to take into consideration … the kid who has always been the center of attention who suddenly isn’t … the fact that you can’t just throw one kid in a sling and go to the store … having to put baby down so you can make lunch for, do activities with, wipe butts of, pay attention to the first kid. so I took all of that into consideration, as well.

    but while it’s harder, it’s also a million times more awesome. having two girls is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.

    our girls are 3.5 years apart, they have separate bedrooms, but I would have no issues bunking kids up in the same room. the sleeping issue might be a little hairy, but tons of families do it and make it work seamlessly. heck, I bet we’ll have to turn our great room into a joint bedroom one day πŸ˜‰

    do what feels right for you, and you’ll have the perfect family πŸ™‚

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. I can’t stand the cute! He is such a wise-looking little guy.

    Timing of babies is such a personal matter. I wanted my kids close enough to be playmates, but not so close that I had back to back pregnancies (I just don’t think my body would have been happy about that!). Our two are 26 months apart. Some days I think it is perfect and some days it is incredibly difficult and I think that we may wait a little longer on our third. Now that our youngest is one, it is getting easier to get a full night’s sleep and feel like I can enjoy them instead of just running from meeting one need to the next (does that make sense?). They are starting to become playmates, which melts my heart.

    I think going from one to two was difficult for me just because our firstborn (our daughter) was such an easy baby. Our son is also really mellow and happy, but throw in a toddler and it seems that the work is more than doubled.

    My husband and I agreed before our daughter was born that we would wait until their first birthday, then have the “Okay, ready for another?” discussion and it has worked well for us. Only you know what is in your heart and what will be right for your family!

  4. When I named Thatcher, Thatcher I totally expected him to come out looking like an old man with a serious brow. Instead he came out with a smile looking like a Gerber baby. He’s not really living up to his old name. He’s kind of acting like a “Cam” or a “Mikey” or a “Johnny”, something cute, and less old man. I guess he will grow into it.

    I really hope old man Benton doesn’t grow out of his frow- it’s so cute.

    We didn’t plan for Capri (wanted to wait 5 or 6 years) and so after her we didn’t know if we wanted to wait those 5 or more years to have another, of if we should start again. Obviously we decided to start again, but we weren’t really sure “when”. It took two months of “oops” (and not getting pregnant) to KNOW for sure that we actually were ready, and then we tried and got pregnant on the first try (sooner then we were expecting). πŸ™‚

    The kids are 26 months apart and it’s been amazing. Such an awesome age (to me). Capri is old enough that I don’t have to rock her to sleep, or hold her for everything. She can get herself things, and even help me with Thatcher.

    I think this was the perfect space- but I could see myself getting pregnant right now, which would make Thatcher only about 17-18 months older then the next baby. And, I have no idea what that would be like, but I’m already ready! With Capri as soon as she started walking I wanted another baby! πŸ™‚

  5. the cute.
    my first two are just about 3 years apart.
    our little finn (our last child) was born when our middle daughter was 3 1/2.
    i love the 3 year spacing … cora is old enough to help, old enough to “reason” with and old enough to do quite a lot on her own while i’m nursing and such.
    but … the 3 year spacing between her and her older sis leaves much to be desired. she wants to be big too. and just can’t to the same extent. and she’s “bothersome” to her big sis, stella.
    in the end, i’m pretty sure that it will all work out.
    there is no right or wrong. it’s just more positives or negatives at different times.
    and now my husband is neutered. but i have fears that we’re going to end up pregnant as soon as my kids all graduate from high school or something crazy like that. because that would be my luck.

  6. We are in talks of having our second. My son is newly 2 years old. I would like him to be close to being potty trained if not already when we do have the next one. We have just been talking though. I want more than one for sure and really want two more but I don’t think that’s going to happen. We barely have the space for our family now!

  7. Oh the cute of that little face. Like he has SO much he wants to tell you.
    Our 2 littles are 3 years and 1 week apart (I guess my body likes to be pregnant that time of year). We had wanted them a bit closer but TTC took a bit longer than expected. Now I realize it is great. My son was potty trained, talking/understanding well before his sister was born. He likes being given “jobs” to help too.
    It is a very personal decision that everyone will have an opinion on (like much of motherhood). I honestly have heard lots ofp ositive things about close and far.

  8. It’s almost like he’s trying to figure you out. “What’s with all the funny faces, lady? Do you think I don’t know how to smile or something?”

    We spaced our kids without thought or plan. Our first two are 27 months apart — which turned out to be lovely, because that meant our oldest was old enough to help with the baby and understand that Mommy wouldn’t be available 24/7 for a while. But she was young enough to not remember a time when she was the Center of the Universe. And as they got older, they were close enough in age to have the same interests, which was a complete joy. I love watching my kids play together.

    We liked that (unintentional) spacing so much, we did the same thing with #3 and #4 — 26 months apart. (Four years between #2 and #3. My body needed a break!) And we have all four in two bedrooms; even the 4-month-old shares with his older brother. It works out OK.

    So yes. Personal decision. There’s no right or wrong answer. But there’s my two cents.

  9. I am usually not really into other people’s babies, but yours and baby Hal (Erin’s) have me smitten. Little teeny old men. (in the cutest possible way. just as my 3 were.)

    So stinking cute.

  10. I LOVE the brow furrow. I think an artist needs to paint it or sculpt it because it’s perfect.

    The sad news? It totally will go away. 😦 All those cute newborn mannerisms do. BUT don’t worry, things that are just as cute will take their place. Promise.

    For now, record & shoot away. Who knows how long it will last.

  11. I came over here for a Monday morning smile, and you didn’t disappoint. Thank you. I also read everybody else’s baby advice, ’cause I don’t have any. I so, so want another, but I’m so exhausted all the time, I wonder how I could possibly handle two.

    But I think you just kinda know when the timing’s right? That’s my theory anyway.

  12. Those pics are so fabulous! Love the furrowed brow “look” – ha!

    We have three and the first two are right at 3 yrs. apart and the other two are 2.5 yrs. I like to have them a little farther apart so that they are at least a little independent and aren’t so “needy” anymore. I don’t mean that in a bad way, just a “keep my sanity” way, you know? πŸ˜‰ But of course every family is different and I have many friends who loved having their babies closer together…

    It’s so fun to think about though, isn’t it? We are done so we are past that stage!

  13. We really let our heart lead us on the spacing. I knew that I wanted to come close to at least two years of breastfeeding, so that played into my decision as well. I didn’t want to get pregnant too soon and force Luke to wean sooner than he was ready (God love those moms who nurse through a pregnancy, but I was not interested), plus I wanted to enjoy his baby days as much as possible. I got pregnant when he was 22 months old, a time which felt just right. I could tell he was nearing the end of nursing, anyway, and he was getting easier to understand and reason with. The timing seemed perfect to me.
    Like Keli said, having two is definitely an adjustment, but an awesome one. Oh, and with regard to space, the boys have separate bedrooms now, but we have bunk bed plans for when they’re older!

  14. Just wanted to chime in and say that mine are 16 months apart. Ooooh boy. What a ride. There have been positives (they are close as can be and adore each other) and negatives (hi. Terrible twos with a colicky newborn). Our highs are highs and our lows are really really low. But it is what it is and I wouldn’t change it. As a matter of fact, I’m stressed that #3 is going to be so far apart and am convinced that I need to have 4 now πŸ˜›

    PS – I just love his cuteness. So cute.

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