Before we had a baby, Justin and I would go on dates to children’s movies and petting zoos. So now that we actually have a kid, we are pleased to appear slightly less creepy during these excursions.

One of my favorite things about being a parent so far, is that I get to witness a little person seeing the world for the first time. I love knowing that he has never seen a fish,  park, or a cat on a bus before, and I was there to witness the first observance.

Justin shares this excitement for the “new,” so we decided to take him to the zoo. This is more for our entertainment than his, but it kept him interested for a few hours and he didn’t make a fuss. If you judge from the pictures alone, it would appear that he hated it, but I assure you we were not torturing the baby. He loves adventures.

Which brings me to the goats. There are few animals that more ridiculous. And the fact that the eat everything makes me wonder why they are often chosen as ideal petting zoo candidates.

As we approached the corral, I was giddy with excitement and Justin held Benton with cautious optimism. He assured the petting zoo overlord that we were not going to let him touch the goats, we just wanted pictures. They were weary. I assume they thought the goats would easily ingest the baby, and they didn’t want a lawsuit. Or a goat that had eaten a baby.

Surveying the scene from behind the fence.

The scene inside the fence.

We're in! Notice the tenseness of Justin's stance. This is as close as he would get him. Meanwhile I am yelling "Put his foot by it!! Closer!"

B, what do you think of this? No gang signs with the hands, please. I bet if you lean back just a bit, you would get a little mohawk hair trim.

Aren't you a fine goat specimen? "Put the baby by it!"

GAH! He really tried to eat Justin's elbow. Which can only lead to baby foot nomming. So we left. But give us a year or so and we will be back. Many times. P.S. What is with goat pupils? Scary.

bye bye


7 responses to “Goats

  1. That last picture is just so sweet!!

  2. gosh, benton is getting so big. i would be afraid to put the baby by the goats too, though i think i am slightly even more afraid of geese. keep the geese away from my kids. okay, i think i might have goat pupil nightmares now.

  3. Oh, goats. My mom is a crazy goat lady. At last count I think she is up to seventeen. SEVENTEEN GOATS. Here is Wesley sleeping through the meeting of one of the goats: http://is.gd/fvRzp

    I am very glad Benton got to meet a few goats!

  4. The looks on his face in these pictures are just priceless!!

  5. OMG … “put his foot by the goat!” I can’t stop laughing!! yes, give it a year and he will be biting the goats! or chasing them like Emma did / does.

  6. I currently have about 50 goats! They are just so stinkin funny and awesome! Pricilla is a great goat who just recently explained why her pupils are so different. http://pricillaspeaks.blogspot.com/2010/09/goatucation-returns-why-are-goats-eyes.html

  7. i. love. goats. born and raised in west MI and we had our own little petting zoo, complete with too many animals to name. baby pygmy goats are my favorite barn animal. i am the nerd that has a goat beanie baby on my dash. don’t judge.
    side note: were you ever called west MI weird by IL peeps when you moved to chicago? maybe it was just me…

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